Oh, for Zuck’s Sake! 1 Out of 10 Americans Deleted Facebook Account + 5 KEY Facts from Congressional Hearing (UPD)


M. Zuckerberg claims there weren’t many people who deleted Facebook accounts, but, actually, things are much worse than that.

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Updated April 12 (10:00 EST):

During the hearing held on Tuesday and Wednesday, Zuckerberg stated a very little number of people have deleted Facebook, but it turned out that things are much worse than that. #DeleteFacebook is still a trend:

  • According to Business Insider, nearly 9% of Americans have deleted their Facebook profile;
  • 1/3 of Americans use the social media platform less;
  • 17% of Americans deleted the Facebook app from the smartphones;
  • The majority (76%) of Americans are aware of the data scandal;

Zuck’s second chance

On Wednesday, Facebook CEO  is headed to Capitol Hill to answer questions from lawmakers, after the company confirmed they shared personal information of 87 million users with Cambridge Analytica, a firm that the helped Trump to win the election.

spent more than 10 hours testifying before Congress for two days, but we still didn’t hear the answer to the most important questions about the social media – What’s the heck is going on with our data? 

He kept evading the answers and provide unsatisfying responses, thus the second hearing didn’t go as well as the first one.

Does Zuck deserve to be CEO? 

According to Georgia Wells, answered a lot of questions with “I don’t know.”

These are key things Zuck doesn’t know about Facebook, but he’s supposed to be aware of them:

  • Major court cases regarding Facebook’s privacy policies;
  • What is the meaning of a term “shadow profile”;
  • How many apps Facebook needs to check;
  • How many firms they provided personal info to, except for Cambridge Analytica;
  • What kind of info the social media collects from us;

Obviously, Zuck wasn’t very sincere about some answers, but based on the things mentioned above, the person who doesn’t know key facts about their project shouldn’t be CEO.

Data is collected from non-users too

It became known that Facebook collects information about people who don’t use the social media platform.“In general, we collect data on people who are not signed up for Facebook for security purposes,” stated Zuckerberg during the hearing.

He was asked whether these data called “shadow profiles,” but Mark said he didn’t know such term. The funny thing is that he used it frequently in his statement on Facebook and in press reports.

We still don’t know whether the extensive data is used beyond the security reasons. For sure, they use it to reinforce the platform.

Smartphone snooping

On the Wednesday’s hearing, Zuck was asked about Facebook secretly recording audio through phone microphones in order to better target ads and denied this statement with the simple “No”. However, the members of Congress got a chance to ask about this issue once more.

Q: “If you’re not listening to us on the phone, who is? And do you have specific contracts with these companies that will provide data that is being acquired verbally?”

A: “My understanding is that a lot of these cases that you’re talking about are a coincidence. Or someone might be talking about something but then they also go to a website or interact with it on Facebook because they were talking about it and then they’ll see the ad because of that.”

It still obvious that someone is listening to us, when we’re talking about some stuff and then get targeted by the ad on the same topic.


Jim Carrey is now an artist! Didn’t you know about it? If so, check out his talented artworks.

This time, Jim Carrey has drawn a reference to Marvin the Martian, an alien.

The second one is the human version of Zuckerberg with the huge inscription “Fakebook.”

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Zuckerberg’s Testimony in Brief: 5 Things He Apparently Doesn't Know About Facebook (Q&A) – Day 2
Zuckerberg’s Testimony in Brief: 5 Things He Apparently Doesn't Know About Facebook (Q&A) – Day 2
The second Congressional hearing at the Judiciary Committee took place on Wednesday. If you missed the live stream, don’t worry, we have it covered. 

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