You Won’t Buy iPhone X After Reading This Article


Do not hurry to buy new X – wait for its low-cost addition

We haven’t yet make up our minds which of Apple’s new phone to buy, as the news about another model appeared.

As the Chinese source United Daily News reports, Apple Inc. will launch a low-cost version of X in 2018. Unfortunately it’s not specified what exactly features we should expect, but most likely so called 9 will be fitted with OLED display and TrueDepth camera system with Face ID scanner.

“The market is optimistic about the 2018 Apple sales performance, and it is understood that Apple will launch the X next year, with the lineup divided into high-end and low-end products, where the high-end version called “Lisbon” and the low-end version codenamed “Hangzhou” – said in report.

According to the Japanese resource Mac Otakara, Apple has already created a frameless , which will have a lower price that it’s 10th version. Still, there’s no information about what other differenсes from the classical model it will have.

It’s expected that the release of the low-cost 9’s model will allow Apple to compete with a numerous chinese Android-smartphones famous for their low price. So the more affordable flagship from the Apple Corporation may help to expand the consumer base.

The announcement of the low-cost X will take place in 2018. The mobile device is most likely to be the next generation SE, which inherits the new features, but also will get a weaker main camera and lose various useful features such as wireless charging.

As it was reported, the X has shipped from China to UAE and Netherlands, while pre-sales opens on October 27. 

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