You May Have Missed: Star Wars Porgs, Trump Tax Cut and Animatronic President


Nexter offers you to read these articles, you probably missed during Dec.18-24 week. 

  • Your Kids Will Be Crazy About This New “Star Wars” Cutie Porgs

When you see a new cute animal from one of the most popular franchize, you think something like, “Oh, God! H-Y-P-E!” Yeah, that’s right, meet porg – an aquatic alien from the planet Ahch-To.

  • Trump tax bill: What Does it Mean for Your Wallet (Infographic)

It’s official – Congress passed the final version of the GOP tax bill for both businesses and individual Americans on Wednesday, December 20th. Now the biggest overhaul of the US tax code in 30 years is waiting for the President signature.

  • ‘The Voice’ 2017 and Chloe Kohans: Best Photos and Video of the 13th Season Final

After exhausting, but exciting, 26 episodes of the 13th season of The Voice, we can proudly announce the winner of the show – Chloe Kohanski.

  •  Disney’s Robotic Trump: You’ve NEVER Seen President Like This

On Monday, Disney’s World’s Hall of Presidents was replenished with a robotic version of Donald Trump.

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