Writing About “A Quiet Place”: The Best Horror Movie of 2018?


Quiet Place is a recent horror movie which is so good that it might appear the best horror flick of 2018.

Horror movies normally do not gather many accolades. When it happens, however, everybody gets tuned. What’s so special about this film that distinguishes it from millions of its rather mediocre predecessors? How did a 38-year-old director manage to get praise from the king of horror genre – from Stephen King himself?

I was never as impressed by a horror movie. Often after watching yet another generic horror flick, I would be thinking about getting essay writing help online, as there was nothing I could say about it. However, “A Quiet Place” was quite different, and here are reasons why.

Original Concept

When I just started watching a film, I thought I was up for some overhyped arthouse. Dark overtones, rapidly changing shots, people communicating in the sign language. The first couple minutes I was unimpressed and wanted to turn it off.

However, the concept of a silent movie, which at first seemed over the top, was explained within the first minutes. Immediately I became sympathetic with the characters who could not communicate freely because of the imminent danger associated with any loud sounds.

I cannot remember any movie with a similar concept realized so artfully and realistically. As a connoisseur of horror movies, I can state confidently that over the past decade there hasn’t been any film with such a simple and yet powerful idea filled with so much craft and emotion.

Endearing Characters 

From the very first minute you become sympathetic with the main characters. It is a typical family which shows feats of perseverance, love and sacrifice, despite the fact that they experience many problems, such as the conflict of generations, the pain of loss, and the constant threat from the outside.

Characters are extremely relatable, although a little bit stereotypical: the strong father who leads the family through hardship, the loving mother who is willing to do anything to protect her children, the older sister who is the most responsible of all, and the two small brothers.

Despite the standard role distribution, all of them are ready to go beyond their prescribed behavior to save each other. Despite the conflicts, they become united at the moment of danger and forgive each other in the end. Typical in ordinary life, they reveal their best qualities in the post-apocalyptic world. One might argue that it is far-fetched, but I want to believe in the beauty of the human heart.

Unexpected Turns

I will not spoil the fun for you, but let’s just say that the movie gave a little bit of a George Martin feel. You don’t know what is going to happen next and if the characters manage to get out of their predicament. You don’t know if somebody is going to live or die. The movie keeps you in suspense all the time.

I would like to admit that even though all the turns are impressive and fast-paced, they do not look contrived. As a careful viewer, I knew what to expect from each character. All of them behaved rationally, in accordance with their character arc.

All the turns were logical. There was no deus ex machina. It was a breath of fresh air to see the horror movie so thought-out and well-executed, relying on the reasonable plot and strength of characters rather than on violence, gore, and jump scares.

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First of all, let’s just say that making a silent movie that is so gripping and emotional is a feat in itself. In the modern world where sound and graphical effects have taken meaning over, this movie is a beautiful flower in the midst of the horror genre wasteland.

Of course, this film is not completely silent. In the second half you will even hear dialogues, which remind the characters and viewers how tragic this mute existence is. Overall one can observe the remarkable play of sounds: when the world is safe, the music plays in the background, but once there is danger, the music stops, and you are immersed in complete silence.

The old tropes of a dark corn field and a hand on the shower door are included as well. This does not detract from the original stylistics of the movie but may make it more palatable for an average viewer. After all, recognizing familiar themes always brings positive emotions, whether you want it or not.


What makes a book literary and a movie eternal? While all the previously mentioned aspects are definitely important, without meaning any movie is just a beautiful cover with nothing inside. “A Quiet Place” will forever stay relevant as it explores the ancient themes of family, friendship, love, mortal danger, and sacrifice.

There is so much to this movie. While at first you may see just an action-fused flick with monsters roaming the screen, if you look deeper, hundreds of possible interpretations will come to surface. You just need to delve deeper, and you will uncover astonishing treasures.

My first thought was that it is a metaphor for dictatorship. The family is forced to keep silent all the time, and if somebody is to make any noise, they will die on spot. Doesn’t it sound reminiscent of Stalin’s purges where people were shot in the head just for voicing their opinions?

The more I watched, the more ideas started to pop in my head. I remembered the times when people like those monsters attacked me for having non-conventional views. It is always easier and safer to be silent, since once you get loud, prepare to stand your ground, and fight for your beliefs.

I will not expound more on the topic, as anybody can see something for themselves if they just open their mind and think a little. The most crucial point here is that meaning is there, and it is multifaceted, individual, and flexible.

They did not know where the danger came from, but it was everywhere. They did not know if it was ever going to end, but they persevered nonetheless.

“A Quiet Place” is a truly fantastic movie with a beautiful surface and a deep layer underneath. And it might be the best horror movie of 2018 too.

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