Embarrassing Fashion Fails of Celebs: Worst Outfits of Famous People We Saw on Red Carpets in 2018


Celebrities are famous for fashionable and chic looks on red carpets but sometimes things go wrong. Nexter.org gathered the worst celebs’ looks we saw in 2018.

Robert Pattinson

Source: Getty Images

Our favourite vampire definitely didn’t sport the very worst look of the bunch, but what is going on with the pants here?

Claire Foy

Source: Getty Images

No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. The dress itself is horrific but combine it with a fabric that shows Every. Single. Wrinkle. is just too much.

Heidi Klum

Source: Getty Images

Heidi’s dresses have basically given up. Now they just melt off her body.

Amber Heard

Source: Getty Images

Not many people can pull off a shower cap with a gown – and Amber still hasn’t. Totally get that she was trying to promote the ‘Aquaman’ theme, but the outfit looks really bad.

Ezra Miller

Source: Getty Images

Ezra Miller stepped out in this black puffy down dress/cape/tent for the Fantastic Beasts premiere in Paris and we can’t help but wonder how far will he go with his strange looks.

Paris Hilton

Source: Getty Images

We all heard about the heartbreaking split of Hilton and her fiance but still, it’s not an excuse for wearing this dress that misses fabric.

Kim Kardashian

Source: Getty Images

At first it seems like she’s wearing the dress upside down but later you understand this dress is just not cool at all.

Evangeline Lilly

Source: Getty Images

Well, “no pants” trend (we wrote about it before) is kinda amazing but Lilly failed with it.


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