Will Microgaming Casino Operators Disrupt International iGaming Market in 2020?


Microgaming casino operators are miracle-makers in the industry. Today there are over 100 operators that work with the same-titled company Microgaming to provide clients with the top-quality games.


Microgaming is, without a doubt, the favorite casino developer worldwide. Having produced over 850 table games, including poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, slots machines, live dealer, etc., it earned its place on the market for the quality of service it provides and its corporate values.

Microgaming is a giant. Hundreds of casino operators work with its software. They are predominant players on the global gaming market and, consequently, influence it. But can they disrupt it?

What To Know About iGaming First: Numbers and Facts
The Internet gaming industry is expected to reach the point of 50 billion euros in 2020. The constant development in technologies boosts the market and opens brand-new possibilities in front of it every day. What are the main reasons that contribute to the rapid development of the market?

Mobile gaming
Our modern phone is just as powerful as PCs but is much lighter and smaller. Besides, they are capable of running all kinds of games that you can imagine. Finally, with phones, you can play on the go, while traveling or waiting. So, understandably, mobile casinos are one of the strongest boosters for the industry.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
While experts argue whether blockchain and cryptocurrencies are our future, the online gaming industry already bets on them. There are Bitcoin casinos where users can send and receive money with the min or no fee at all. The deposit and withdrawal become much easier and quicker on such venues, attracting more people.

What Is Microgaming Role In The Industry?
Today there are dozens of operators that stick to the high-quality games. However, the tendency was started by the Microgaming company that introduced its software in 1994, and in 2004, people could already play mobile casino online. When Microgaming released the game platform through QuickFire, the number of operators increased. Till today, Microgaming releases the finest games that gain millions of fans around the world. It’s potential, influence and impact on the whole industry are enormous.

Microgaming regulations
Responsible gambling is the core principle for the top-ranked developers, and Microgaming is no exception. The company cooperates with several organizations to provide the best experience for the players and develop the quality of gaming worldwide. So playing the Microgaming games is safe in the first place, and here is why.

Malta Gaming Authority regulates the gambling products of the company in Malta. It allows the Microgaming to perform in the country, but also supports and protects it.

E-Commerce and Online Game Regulation and Assurance assures that providers in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Great Britain, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Sweden are fair and responsible. However, the organization itself doesn’t take responsibility for the consequences.

Gambling Commission
This is a similar organization to the Maltese one but works in the UK. To be a part of a Gambling Commission means to ensure that Microgaming offers decent high-quality service for the citizens of Great Britain and meets all the requirements of the local regulations.

It’s always exciting for the user to try out luck and get big wins. Some companies, knowing that, can promise unique offers and claim to be best online casinos live with even with mega bonuses free. However, online gambling is not that easy and sometimes a chance to get 100 free spins, 50 free spins, or bonus 100 is a trap. In order not to fall for it, it’s better to pick the casino games that are launched and powered by Microgaming.

The privacy policy and the terms and conditions are two major things you should find out about before signing up for an account. Also, to be sure that you are using secured and trustworthy venues, you should read reviews together with the latest news and choose the best platform established. Popular websites usually cooperate with well-known operators and offer the largest selection of excellent games on the newest casinos.

Gaming addiction issue
The problem of gambling addiction is serious and, unfortunately, quite widespread. To get the biggest win, a fortune, within a month or so, and get quick payouts right away is a dream and goal of many players. Acknowledging it, Microgaming spent the whole previous year building a conversation about it. Besides, it cooperates with several top-ranked organizations that fight gambling addiction to be aware of how to treat players:

●       BeGambleAware;

●       Responsible Gambling Council;

●       Remote Gambling Association;

●       GamCare;

The continuing excitement about the platforms is good for the business but can be harmful to people. Agreeing on this point, Microgaming is in search of solutions for the protection of the customers. It aims to create friendly products and support gamers.

Microgaming’s Bonus Offers And Innovations
Microgaming has been on the market for the past 25 years, and it is not a coincidence. The company constantly works on improving its services and software. It works for the customers’ convenience, and that is the key to success. So what is it that makes the company #1?

Progressive jackpot
The company rewards gamers with enormous sums of money. It’s progressive jackpots quickly increase and can reach over 8 million dollars. The more users join the matches, the bigger the jackpot gets. Therefore, the venue is attracting thousands of gamblers for the big win.

No deposit
Microgaming doesn’t oblige users to play for real money. One can enter the venue for fun at first, with no deposits attached. Moreover, players can get free money if they sign up or provide specific data.

Free spins
Often for the specific actions users complete in games or on the particular site, they can get free spins. These allow them to join matches and bet without real money investments.

Match bonuses
Sometimes gamers can be rewarded with extra cash together with the prize they gain after the match. These promotions vary depending on the games launched.

What are the options to play?

One of the Microgaming games’ advantages is that they are suitable for installing and playing on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Another aspect that ensures wide availability of games, provided by Microgaming, is a possibility to play them in 45 languages. Moreover, there are 26 currencies, which are enrolled. And the last, but not the least – users are provided with a possibility to choose between many various types of slots table games.

Further, you can see the list of the best entertainment products that users love and enjoy:

●       Terminator 2;

●       Playboy;

●       Jurassic World;

●       Bridesmaids;

●       Avalon;

●       Jungle Jim;

●       Tarza.

Microgaming entered the gaming industry at the very beginning of its existence and established itself as a powerful player. It has influenced the industry in many ways: encouraged people to use reliable services, urged the need to raise the question of responsible gaming, introduced exclusive features and casino bonuses and enriched the iGaming industry with fascinating products.

Will it disrupt the iGaming in the next year? Probably, not. It is likely to develop it even more by working with relevant technologies. Microgaming aims to meet the standards of various countries when it comes to gambling, and such an attitude attracts only more customers.

Finally, the company is likely to continue playing a crucial role in evolution gaming, online casino, and casino software. So let’s see together what the upcoming time will bring.

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