Why You Have to Buy Quality Straps for Luxury Watch


The style is created by the details – it is one of the most famous phrases by Coco Chanel. It is hard to disagree with it, because these are good accessories that hint at the status of their owner and his aesthetic taste. If we talk about watches, then they also have a well-known and popular function – to indicate time. Despite the advent of modern gadgets with the option of watches, this accessory does not lose its relevance in the traditional format. Now, as in previous eras, high-quality luxury watches are an important part of the image of a business person. Therefore, nothing should spoil the look of this accessory, so it is important to choose right bands for luxury watches.


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Choosing High-Quality Straps
If a good wristwatch can serve for many years, then the watches belt usually wears out earlier. Even in the case when it is made of high quality and reliable materials.

When the strap is worn, it spoils the look of the accessory. Minor damage affects the fact that the watch no longer looks as presentable as it was before. Therefore, the desire of the owner of the accessory to update its appearance is quite logical.

Sometimes, the purchase of new wrist bands may not be related to the wear of the old one. For example, if you just decided to update your wristwatch for new fashion trends or a changed wardrobe. Whatever is the reason for replacing the strap, you should be guided by the criteria for its successful choice. We invite you to familiarize yourself with them.

Three Main Options When Choosing
In order for the watch straps to be selected correctly, you should pay attention to such aspects as:

–     material;

–     width;

–     length.

If in the first case the choice can be quite flexible (you can choose several relevant and practical materials), then in the second – you should know the traditional recommendations that can facilitate the purchase.

The width of the strap is the distance between the ears with which it is attached. You need to measure this distance so that the strap is optimal in width. Too wide will simply not be possible to install. And the excessively narrow straps not only look ugly, but also fidget along the mount, rubbing their hand and creating inconvenience.

As for length and size, two extremes should be avoided. The wristwatch should not tighten the hand and, on the contrary, hang on it. If everything is clear with straps made of soft materials in this context, then the initial adjustment of the bracelet should be approached more carefully. Ultimately, there should be no redundant or missing links.

Popular Materials
Whereas previous materials for straps and bracelets were limited to traditional leather and metal options, today’s market for these products is able to offer much more interesting things. The two named modifications continue to be sales leaders, but, in addition to them, materials are:

–     rubber;

–     strong fabric;

–     polymers;

–     ceramics.

Also eco leather straps remain quite popular. In appearance, they may not differ from leather ones, then, as a rule, they are inferior to them in durability. Therefore, the desire of the buyer to save on the strap is not always justified. If budget allows, it is better to give preference to rubber watch bands or to those made of leather. They will last longer, while maintaining external presentability.

In addition to the mentioned options, you can also pay attention to other, modern solutions. For example, these are straps made of polymer materials. Stylish modifications made of silicone are also in great demand. They look good on watches designed in a sports style. Also, these ones like rubber wrist bands are suitable for watches used in extreme conditions – for example, in scuba diving or hunting.

So, in order for the purchased watch straps to serve for a long time and look stylish, it is important to find a balance between the desired material, optimal width, convenient length and attractive cost.

Best Material for the Watch Strap
The modern market of watches and accessories for them opens up a wide selection of products. Leather bands are traditionally popular. This is natural, because they have such quality criteria as:

–     Environmental friendliness. The leather strap is non-toxic, which means it is safe.

–     Convenience. The vast majority of such accessories are made of high quality haberdashery leather, which at the same time has softness and durability.

–     Design. The material is not only practical, but also beautiful. Especially – if you choose for your watch an elite genuine leather with a beautiful finish.

–     Durability. Although the leather strap cannot be compared with the wristwatch itself, it will last longer than a similar accessory made of other materials.

These advantages make leather bands the most sought after. Despite the fact that metal bracelets are also in great demand, the skin is more pleasant in terms of tactile sensations on the hand.

RubberB developed completely new concept of bands for luxury watch – SwimSkin®. It looks and feels like a genuine leather or carbon fiber but made from 100% vulcanized rubber. Therefore, it’s suitable for diving, yachting and sport activities.


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If, nevertheless, you are inclined to metal bracelets, pay attention to such criteria when choosing:

–     type of metal;

–     colour;

–     features of spraying, if present;

–     technologies used in production.

As a rule, reliable manufacturers provide information on all these aspects. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to it. At the time of purchase, high-quality and low-quality bracelets may look the same. But the level of reliability of production technologies becomes noticeable in the first months of wear. On cheap products, the first signs of abrasion, small scratches and other signs of natural wear appear earlier.

For those who choose mid-price metal bracelets, it is important to ensure that they are made of a material that is not susceptible to corrosion. The most practical and wear resistant option is stainless steel. Of course, there are models made of gold and other precious metals. But this is a completely different price category.

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Why You Have to Buy Quality Straps for Luxury Watch
Quality is the key parameter of watch straps for brand models. Explore the world of high-quality straps for any occasion and give a new look to your luxury accessory

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