Why Video Marketing Should Be A Priority For Your Business


Some time back, researchers had predicted that video marketing would be the next big business trend. Well, the time has finally come. According to Wyzowl, in research done in 2016, they found out that 63% of businesses were using video marketing for their business.

People have embraced videos over time, and it’s almost a crime not to incorporate them into your business. Are you in doubt on whether to consider this or not? The reasons below will convince you without a doubt.

1. Video creates a level of trust

Just as financial institutions need to know your credit score to trust you to repay a loan if they lend you, so do potential customers. Even though there are credit repair companies as explained here to help build your credit, the records may still stay for a while before the rating changes. The same applies to customers; one bad experience can change their whole perception of the company. Client trust is the entry point to sales and conversions. When launching your business, one of the things to consider when identifying a marketing strategy is how to win clients’ trust.

One way to win their trust is through video. Stop selling but instead, let clients come to you. How do you that? The video is everything. A rule of the thumb in business is you have to engage your clients. They want to know what the company’s beliefs are, the objectives and much more so that they decide if they agree or not.

Video is most likely to engage with people and awaken emotions. Effective video marketing put you out there and help create your brand.

Videos are a bit personalized which make consumers identify with your brand. The level of skepticism and lack of trust reduces as they can now understand your business at different angles.

You can incorporate storytelling in the videos. More people are more likely to seek your services if they can relate to a story. Make the story interesting as well as unique. It helps strengthen your brand.

2. It increases your chances of ranking higher

Investing in a website is great for your business as it increases your brand visibility. Among the things that make your website rank highly on Google is video. Most often, you are most likely to record a high bounce rate for your site if the content and general appearance of it is not compelling.

When you incorporate videos, they will allow you to increase the time spent by people on your site. Therefore, the bounce rate will reduce. This will then signal Google and any other search engine that your site has great content which increases the chances of ranking higher.

Don’t forget to write interesting descriptions on your videos more so if they are up on YouTube especially for SEO purposes. Add a link back to your site and services. In case people find your information helpful, they may need to purchase something, make sure there’s a procedure on your site for this.

3. More mobile users view videos on their phones

According to Statista, video consumption is expected to surpass 236 million in the United States. YouTube alone has over 164 million unique viewers per month. By 2020, there is a prediction that the number of mobile phone video viewers will reach 179 million.

These numbers clearly show that videos are the way to go. The number of smartphone users keeps growing, and you’ll want to tap into that market. Make your videos more appealing and be mindful of the personal experience people have on their devices.

The thing with mobile users is that they can easily access videos anywhere, even when they are on the road.

4. Video marketing helps people understand the brand better

There are some things in a business that are better demonstrated visually than written. For example, if you are selling a lawn mower with some advanced technology, it’s easier to show people how to operate it than explain in written form.

Video marketing is a great channel to unveil new products. Have an explainer video to show people why it is the best; demonstrate its packaging and how to store it. Video makes people visualize, and it could increase your chances of a higher ROI.

There are cases where a particular concept is just hard to even explain on live video. How about creating animated videos? These videos can conceptualize the ideas to life and simplify them. You could also add a bit of humor in there. Don’t be too rigid.

Video marketing is a simplified form of content. Not everybody is into reading which is why some types of video marketing could work as it summarizes things. If you have not considered video, you are missing out. Give it a try and bring back the results.

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