Why is Regular Grooming Important for a Westie?


Grooming a dog can be a tough job, especially if you have just gotten your pup and have no idea where to start. As you peer at your West Highland Terrier’s lovely white hair, you start thinking of ways to maintain its health, hygiene and keep away any pests. And though you might feel like the internet is overwhelming you with all those pictures of nicely groomed, pretty little Westies, you will find that it is easy to look after yours, too, if you stick to regular grooming. 


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Here is all you need to know in order to keep your Westie in the best shape possible.

Stimulate a Westie’s follicles
Stripping your dog’s hair is important for dead hair removal and stimulation of your pet’s hair follicles as well as maintaining the color and texture of its hair. In this process, you will use your fingers. You will divide your dog’s hair into sections, then start by pulling the hair gently in the direction of hair growth. Don’t pull it upwards or against the direction of hair growth; pull out dead hair and don’t pull at hair that doesn’t come off easily. It’s important to do this every eight weeks or so, as removing old fur can help with lots of potential skin issues.

Keep the fur in shape!
Some people might opt for the use of electric clippers to get the desired fur shape. Hair clipping will also result in softer and shorter hair, so you can go for it if that is the desired result you wish for your pet. Be sure to use electric clippers designed for dogs, and be careful as you remove the hair around areas such as genitals, anus, legs, etc. Don’t use tooth blades, as they might injure your dog, and check the temperature of the clipper’s blades as they can get hot. Clipping, just like stripping, aid in preventing matted hair, and help you diagnose any skin issues at an early stage.

Maintain a dog’s cleanliness
Bathing your dog once every 4-6 weeks will remove any dirt or odors in its fur, prevent allergies, lessen hair shedding, and soften his hair. You should purchase a good dog shampoo because a Westie’s hair can turn pink with the wrong shampoo. Put your dog in a bathtub and use lukewarm water to rinse its body. Shampoo your Westie and rinse carefully, then dry with a towel. If your Westie suffers from a skin disease, you should use a prescribed medicated shampoo, and bathe your pet every week.

Some will find bathing quite tiring, but it will not be quite frequent if you maintain your Westie’s hair regularly. And since your pet’s coat is coarse, frequent baths really aren’t necessary.

Grooming a Westie’s face
Grooming facial hair is important, particularly if your Westie’s hair grows quickly and falls over his eyes. This process should be done at least every 3-4 months. Use scissors to trim the hair around the eyes so as not to obscure your Westie’s vision; and trim around the nose, ears, and mouth for optimum hygiene.


Source: pixabay.com

Ear cleaning
It is of the utmost importance to keep your furry friend’s ears clean at all times. Westies might need extra attention, since hair growing inside the ear canals may cause health problems. Carefully trim the fur inside and around the ears, then rub the ears gently with a special cleaning solution. Remember that the primary symptoms of yeast infections or skin allergies appear in the ears—that’s why it’s essential to check regularly for any signs.

Nail trimming for a dog’s safety
Trimming your Westie’s nails is important for its safety and comfort—as well as the safety and comfort of your lap! Since nails that are longer than proper length can cause your pet discomfort and even affect his health, nail trimming is an important grooming process. Dogs might fear the nail clipping process, so this should be started at a very young age so they can get acquainted with it. Pick up your pet’s paw and make sure there are no hairs getting in your way as you put your thumb beneath the pad of its paw and your index finger on the skin above the nail. Gently push forward until the nail is visible.

Start by clipping the end of the nail and avoid trimming the curve of the nail, as this could be quite painful for dogs and might cause bleeding. This area called the “quick” is pink and has blood vessels; for dogs with dark nails, look for a white ring.

Grooming your dog can take up quite a bit of your time, but as you finish up with the grooming steps, the adorable new look of your Westie as it runs toward you will be rewarding enough. Besides, as you integrate these steps into your daily routine—along with good overall hygiene and thorough dental care—you will find that grooming your Westie will become the definition of bonding time.

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Why is Regular Grooming Important for a Westie?
Grooming a dog can be a tough job, especially if you have just gotten your pup and have no idea where to start.

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