Why Is It Important To Know The Law Of Your Country


Since the dawn of time, humans have had a system in place to govern the way we live on Earth. Widely, there are some agreed-upon set of rules and regulations created to frame our interactions within different contexts. On a societal scale, countries have been built around the beliefs, traditions, and convictions of a certain group of people who physically exist in the same region. Laws are an integral aspect of a nation’s identity. To say that you belong to a country means that you are bound by a virtual contract to acknowledge, respect, and carry out the laws that are put to administer you and your fellow citizens’ interactions. 

Despite the fundamentality of laws, most people spend their whole lives without having to seek proper knowledge about the laws of the country they live in. This, however, changes when something bad happens, and they make an effort and go seek answers. Perhaps the reason why the average person is not adamant about learning more about the law is the lack of trust she/he has in the government, which is supposed to be in charge of law enforcement. This is especially true in developing countries where tyrant rulers and governmental corruption have been nurturing the fears and doubts of the public for ages.

It is no surprise that the young generations of today are particularly ignorant of such important information, as they constantly believe to be sidelined and excluded from the process of defining their country’s laws. Nonetheless, there are some general laws that everyone needs to have a clear understanding of to be able to function in daily life. Even if you do not necessarily acknowledge them as laws and label them as a way of living, like simple things such as abiding by traffic laws and respecting your neighbors. Those fall under the umbrella of your country’s laws. However, have you ever wondered, apart from the fact that ignoring your country’s law might get you into serious trouble, why else do you need to know them? Continue reading below, where it will be explained the necessity of knowing the law of the country you reside in.

To Protect Yourself
The saying that ‘knowledge is power’ cannot be refuted in this case. When you know the laws of your country, you will protect yourself from being subjected to unfair treatments in different situations. If you get into a car accident, you will know as per the law what your rights are and how the law entitles you to seek compensation from the other driver. In big countries like the USA, even the accused person has the right to appoint a lawyer to defend his case against the federal court. However, you will need to be more educated since every state has an independent judicial system. As an American citizen, if you get accused of a federal crime in Florida, you will need an Orlando criminal defense attorney to help you explore your options. Knowing these details will save you time that you cannot afford to lose during times of crisis. Many people are put behind bars after bearing wrongful sentences just because they were ignorant about their country’s laws and how they affect their public rights. Any time you invest in learning about your country’s laws will be worthwhile, as it will serve you particularly in times of distress.

To Better Serve Your Community
If you live in a big country with a big population, you know how important the role of communal services can be. To be an active member of society you need to know more about the laws of your country to be able to serve your community efficiently. If you want to start a petition campaign to call for the attention of the government to a communal issue, you will be of great help if you have enough knowledge regarding your community’s standing with regards to the law. You will be doing a huge favor to the rest of the people and improving their livelihood.

Alternatively, if you are considering getting into politics, basic knowledge of your country’s laws from the very beginning will come in handy and give you a head start in the race. One of the cornerstones of cohabitation is to be of service to your cohabitants if and when you can. Since no man is an island, taking it upon yourself to accumulate law knowledge for the greater good means that you are doing your part in being an exemplary citizen.

To Be Able to Plan Your Life
The laws instituted in a country do not require the approval of every single citizen. They are rather a representation of the aggregate opinions of the majority of the public. When you start questioning the laws of your country, the gap between your beliefs and those embedded in the law will seem to widen, You can start considering some life changes. Knowing your country’s laws will give you the freedom to choose whether it is the right place for you to spend your life or not. This knowledge will liberate you from being held back by laws and regulations that you do not agree with nor believe in. It has nothing to do with being a good or a bad citizen, but rather it helps you decide to plan for your life in terms of where to go, whether to start up a personal business or if you want to have children in said country. Unfortunately, many people waste most of their lives before realizing that they could have done things differently had they known earlier about how their country’s laws would affect them and their families.

Knowing more about your country’s laws will also help you identify the flaws in the system and if you can affect a change. Throughout history, it has been proven time and time again that social and political reform starts with one single person. If you and other people share similar views that oppose some of your country’s laws, if you choose, you can do something about it. Otherwise, if you do not have enough information, you give up your right to ask for any change to take place.

The laws are always there, however, when you know them, you can then get to choose if you accept them and stay, or if you do not and choose to lead the change, or just leave altogether.

To Help You Make Better Career Choices 
Apart from your aspirations, the laws where you live can hugely influence your career choices. Many countries have gender-based restrictions on certain jobs or do not allow for adequate maternity leaves, making it hard for women who would like to have a family to seek such occupations. While on the positive side, some countries provide tax relief for people holding certain public service jobs. This can give you the nudge that you needed to choose one job over the other. Understanding the law early on in life can help you better manage your expectations and push you towards or away from certain career choices.

To Manage Your Property Effectively
Property law differs from one country to the other. Having sufficient knowledge about laws related to you as a property owner means that you will have the chance to manage your properties more efficiently. Different laws affecting the taxes you will be paying, or whether you are allowed to sublet your apartment are important information that you will need to be aware of. This will also protect you from being legally sued by any of your tenants if you were to unknowingly break the law.

To Know How to Operate In a Work Environment
Since the majority of the public have jobs, labor law is a segment of a country’s law that gains the biggest share of public interest. Labor law makes it easier to interact within the workplace. You get to know what your responsibilities versus your rights are and how to act if your employer mistreats you or subjects you to dangerous work conditions. You can also learn about your entitled vacation days to make plans accordingly. When you are first starting a new job, employers will share the company’s handbook as part of your onboarding process; however, it is rare to be given a copy of the labor law since it is public property. Therefore, whatever is not mentioned in the employee handbook you will more likely find it covered in your country’s labor laws.

If you are just starting your career, take the time to read about labor law to know what you should ask about in your next job interview. You should also make sure to understand your country’s retirement laws so you can start planning from early. Most retirees usually share a common regret of not knowing more about their pension options before it was already too late. Besides, labor law will come in handy when you are transitioning between jobs and want to apply for unemployment benefits.

Knowing how much you will get is essential to manage your finances during difficult times. If you find it hard to go through labor law on your own, most countries provide consultation services for the public to help them prepare for the workplace.

To Avoid Legal Punishments

One of the most basic reasons why it is important to know the law of your country is to simply avoid legal punishment. Although it is commonly known that “Ignorance is a bliss”, this statement does not hold up in court. Just because you did not know that a crime was a crime when you committed it, does not deny the fact that you will be held responsible. It is your responsibility to know what is legally tolerated and what is not. If for example you were in a hurry, wanted to pick something up from a store, and left your car by mistake in the handicapped parking zone, you will be fined. Even if it was not an intentional, malicious act, in the eyes of the law you will be found guilty. Your ignorance, in this case, will not save you. This is a relatively simple situation. Real problems happen when innocent people get entrapped in corporate espionage or embezzlement cases due to their ignorance of their country’s corporate law. Such cases can end up with imprisonment or at the least, having to pay a hefty sum in settlement. However, putting some effort to learn about laws in your country can protect you from falling victim in similar situations and save your life.

To Benefit from Public Services
As a citizen, you pay taxes to the government so that you can benefit from public services like national healthcare privileges, well-maintained roads and highways, and leisurely public parks. If you do not know your country’s laws, you can be missing out on some such perks if your municipality is not doing a good job. As a committed taxpayer, you deserve to reap the rewards you are eligible for. Furthermore, many people fail to make use of government-subsidized services just because they never knew these existed like small business funds and vocational training. When it comes to the law, it is not all about punishment, citizens are legally bound for a multitude of benefits that they should not overlook on account of ignorance.

Be it private or public law, you need to have a good understanding about all branches of law within your country. Especially when it comes to laws that affect your daily life like private and traffic laws, you are better off accumulating information that can come in handy when you need them. Part of your citizenship is to know more about your country, this includes its different laws and legal systems. If everyone took the responsibility to educate themselves about the law, many futile legal cases can be avoided and the judicial system can focus more efficiently on more pressing cases. Last but not least, citizens will develop a deeper sense of patriotism and kinship towards one another.

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Why Is It Important To Know The Law Of Your Country
Laws are an integral aspect of a nation’s identity. To say that you belong to a country means that you are bound by a virtual contract to acknowledge, respect, and carry out the laws that are put to administer you and your fellow citizens’ interactions. 
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