Why Is CBC Cream Great For A Wide Range Of Uses?


With the recent growth of the CBD market and the increasing societal acceptance of cannabis-based products, CBD has a bright future. CBD or cannabidiol is a compound extracted from the leaves and bud of the cannabis sativa plant. In the United States, most federally legal CBD products are extracted from hemp rather than marijuana. They’re required to contain no more than a 0.3% concentration of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. CBD oil has been used for medicinal purposes in various countries around the world. However, it has been mostly restricted to treating ailments, such as epilepsy and certain types of cancer.

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Lesser known than CBD, CBC is another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. One item coming up in today’s CBC world is cream for skin. And, more often than not, this cream is produced without any of those horrible artificial ingredients commonly found in average topical creams for skin. Why is this good news?  Because just like prescription medications that are often made with synthetic chemicals, using artificial ingredients on your skin could have many detrimental side effects. But, apart from being a wonderful natural product, what other uses does CBC cream have?  This article will examine why CBC cream is great for a variety of uses. 

An Intro To CBC

Cannabidiol is not the only beneficial compound found in hemp. Recently, however, another cannabinoid in hemp, cannabichromene, is gaining popularity for its health benefits. It’s found in relatively low levels in the hemp plant, but, still, has plenty to offer. Just like CBD, CBC isn’t intoxicating. Instead of binding with receptors in the brain, as THC does, it binds with receptors in other parts of the body associated with pain perception.  Products like CBC cream are increasingly being used for their anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and neurogenetic properties. Below, take a closer look at the variety of ways CBC cream could help improve your health.

What Conditions Can CBC Cream Help Manage?

What are the benefits of using cbc cream?  CBC cream works both dermally and sub-dermally, and has been used to address a wide variety of health issues. CBC, like other cannabinoids, works by interacting with the body’s ECS, or endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate mood, appetite, sleep, and immune system. 

CBC cream is commonly used to help address the following health conditions:

  • Neuropathy

Neuropathy is without a cure, and can result in foot pain that makes performing even simple tasks difficult. Many individuals have begun to use cbd foot cream for neuropathy as it helps decrease the pain and unpleasant sensations associated with this debilitating condition. CBC cream could also have a positive effect for those looking for relief from neuropathy-linked pain. 

  • Chronic Pain

CBC tinctures, oral treatments, and creams are all excellent ways to deal with chronic pain. The advantage of CBC cream is that it can be applied topically, helping to pinpoint and address a specific area of the body. A 2011 study by Italian researchers demonstrated the compound’s analgesic effects, though human studies have not yet been performed.

Here are the other benefits of CBC cream:

  • May Reduce Inflammation

A 2010 study published in the British Pharmeceutical Journal suggests that CBC has powerful anti-inflammatory potential as it was able to selectively target gastrointestinal inflammation in rats. 

  • May Strengthen Cells

CBC may help improve the health of cells by restricting the growth of mutated cells. This could point to powerful-anti cancer properties. 

  • May Fight Off Bacteria

CBC cream is a strong antibacterial material, and has demonstrated effectiveness against several kinds of fungi as well. This suggests that CBC cream could be a powerful ally in fighting off infections. 

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What Makes A Good CBC Cream?

It may surprise you to know that CBC cream is actually just a moisturizing product that contains the cannabichromene compound. Most natural topical creams for skin are made up of just two ingredients. There’s the compound itself, and, then, there’s a carrier oil, such as hemp, jojoba, grape seed, coconut, or olive oil.

To make the most of the benefits mentioned above, you should be sure to choose an organic cream that contains all-natural ingredients. Make sure to do some research on which company makes the CBC cream. You can find information about different companies online, but also look for testimonials from other users of different products to see what other people have experienced. It’s advisable to stick to companies that have had their products lab tested. This means that they’ve spent resources to ensure their products are safe for use.

Finally, it would be a good idea to make sure that the cream that you’re considering purchasing is a pure formula. There’s no reason why you should have to worry about having an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in the cream, so avoid any topical creams for skin that contain petroleum-based ingredients. Most quality CBC products will be extracted from organic ingredients.

Many people use CBC cream after consulting a doctor about a specific condition. You can also look to buy products marketed specifically for the condition you’re hoping to treat. Some creams are specifically meant for pain relief, while others may be focused on fighting inflammation. If you want to find out which ones are most effective and which ones to avoid, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. They’ll probably be able to tell you which are the best.

The only downside with using CBC creams is that they can take some time to show their effects. If you’re used to taking CBD oil orally or via vaping, you may be used to receiving effects quickly from a tiny amount of tincture. The skin is a much less permeable membrane than the inside of the mouth, so it takes more cream to achieve the same beneficial effects. This means that you may need to use a few different applications before seeing any noticeable benefits.

CBC Cream: A Potential Health Powerhouse

Whether you’re looking to ease chronic pain or redness, or simply improve your overall health, CBC is a good, natural way to go. Research on the full range of benefits this compound has to offer, but there’s already a number of reasons to add it to your skincare routine. Using CBC cream is a great way to make the most out of this powerful supplement. There are so many benefits to taking CBC cream, so finding the right product to use should be easy.

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Why Is CBC Cream Great For A Wide Range Of Uses?
With the recent growth of the CBD market and the increasing societal acceptance of cannabis-based products, CBD has a bright future.
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