Why Gambling Addiction Is Harder For Celebrities To Curb


The act of gambling is defined by whenever a person plays a game of chance with the risk of losing money or belongings. It’s a practice almost as old as time but the practice has taken up a whole different outlook in recent times. Gambling addiction is now a clinical sickness, as so often, gambling goes from a fun, harmless diversion to an unhealthy obsession with health and mental consequences.

An addiction to gambling is characterized by an excessive compulsion to gamble irrespective of other factors like time, finances, relationships etc. It has numerous causes such as depression, financial stress and alcohol addiction, and is sometimes used as a coping mechanism for these other problems an individual is facing.

Gambling addiction is a popular sickness that affects individuals from all spheres and classes of life, including million-dollar celebrities, and the major difference between their addictions and those of regular people, is that more often than not, their ends up on the front page. The team at CasinoSites have made an infographic showing A-list celebs like Michael Jordan, Ben Affleck, and Wayne Rooney to have all struggled with addiction in the past, losing millions of dollars in the process.

Now, people might ask why millionaires will feel the need to gamble, considering the fact that the basic point of gambling is to win money. Well, that may be the aim of regular gambling – to make monetary profit in the short-term, but once someone gets addicted, it’s about much more than just the need to win some quick cash. Someone losing $50 million to $60 million in a casino game seems delirious, but that is exactly what happens when some of these celebs become addicted as they quickly lose all financial bearings and just gamble, realizing their mistake when it’s probably too late.

Their realization that they’ve made a mistake usually follows some public confession where they open up about their issues, then a period of stability, followed by more gambling. Truth is, curbing and controlling gambling addiction for celebs is a lot harder than it would for most regular people, mostly for financial reasons. Wayne Rooney for example racked up a gambling debt of almost $1 million before he turned 21. His early rise to fame and superstardom at the age of just 16 at Manchester United had made him a millionaire and his tendencies to gamble away a few millions at a time was fueled by his large pay cheques at United.

Their bank accounts are the major reason why quitting or controlling their gambling addiction is a significantly harder task. For a regular person who doesn’t earn millions every other week, financial restrictions help limit gambling problems despite not curing or stopping them, while things tend to take on a whole different form with celebrity gambling. ‘Justice League’ star Ben Affleck has been open about how much effort it took him just to control his addiction and check himself into a rehab facility in 2001 as he’s wealth made it hard for him to realize how much his gambling addiction was actually affecting his life.

Anyone who has actually spent a significant amount of time at Vegas casinos will know that the casino scene is a celebrity hotspot. Alcohol, gambling, parties, and just about anything you can throw your money at are present in abundance which makes casinos such an appealing scenery for celebs and most celebs who have come out with their success stories of beating addiction have attributed their initial problems to hanging around other addicts at casinos which is basically where 95% of all gambling problems are formed. In Affleck’s case, his close friend was ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ star Matt Damon who would regularly take him to Vegas for gambling sessions, with Damon also linked with a history of gambling and alcohol abuse.

Affleck and Damon aren’t the only A-list celebs with a history of gambling addiction. Michael Jordan, Gladys Knight, Charlie Sheen, and Charles Barkley among many others have struggle with both gambling and alcohol problems in the past and some still are. When you have pockets as deep as some of these celebs, gambling addiction becomes a lot harder to control and requires extra effort to quit than the average person.

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