Why Every Home Needs to Have a Smoker


Want to cook more delicious food in 2020? Well, we’ve got you covered with some juicy, smoked flavors.  From a perfectly done brisket to juicy steaks, there are many reasons why having a smoker at home could help you step up your culinary game.


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Whether you are having a large group of friends coming over or simply cooking for your own family, smokers will help you add irresistible flavors to your meals and dishes.

What is a food smoker?
If you aren’t sure what a food smoker is, it’s a machine that cooks meat with the added flavor from the smoke.  The meat is smoked in a long, horizontal chamber which is placed alongside the heat source rather than directly above it. This makes adjusting the heat and replenishing the fuel much easier because you don’t need to move the food out of the way in order to add coal or wood.

Types of food smokers
There are several types of food smokers, including:

Electric smokers
As its name implies, an electric smoker works by feeding off electricity to heat up a rod, which then causes the wood to smoke. Easy to use, electric smokers can be set and left till you’re ready to eat!

Propane smokers
These types of smokers work similar to electric smokers, but use a gas-fueled flame to make the wood pellets smolder.

Charcoal smokers
Charcoal smokers work by using charcoal to smoke your meal. This smoker produces a great flavor to the meals, yet requires more attention than the aforementioned types.

Wood smokers
Wood smokers are the best for guaranteeing the purest flavor, but require the most attention and care out of all the options because they are harder to keep at a constant temperature.

Pellet smokers
This type of smoker is similar to wood smokers, but with the wood condensed into convenient pellets. This they are much easier to use but are more expensive than the other options.

Electric smokers can be set to the desired temperature and length of time you want; just set it and forget it. If you are a beginner and are thinking about getting a new electric smoker, the advisors at https://www.electricsmokerguy.com/ have a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know. In general, electric smokers are considered to be the easiest type of smokers for beginners and are also considered the most economic ones.

If you still aren’t sure why use a smoker, let us make the case.


Source: pixabay.com

Why buy a smoker?
There are several reasons why this cooking method has lasted throughout the years and is used almost everywhere around the world. Here are 5 reasons why this cooking method is so popular, and why you should consider buying a smoker today:

Adds a distinct Flavor
Smoking your food will leave you with a uniquely distinct flavor that cannot be produced with other methods such as grilling or baking. Smoking meat actually breaks down collagen, making the meat more tender than it would normally be.

Enhances smell and appearance
Smoking meat melts the fat which combines with the tender meat, making it a truly mouth-watering experience. Moreover, the hardwoods which are used in the process as fuel also add flavor to the meat by enhancing the aroma of the food. Smoking also creates an acidic coat around the meat which gives the meat a unique appearance and texture.

It is healthy
Smoking food can actually be a healthy way to cook. Lean meats can help build lean muscle mass as they have a lower caloric value and less fat. Moreover, electric smokers are considered healthy alternatives as they don’t need oil or other fats to prepare the food. Yet, you should always be careful that you don’t undercook or overcook your meals while using the smoker.

You can smoke lots of food
There are various foods that you can smoke with your new smoker. You can smoke just about any kind of meat, fish, or poultry. Other foods that are frequently smoked also include pork roasts, beef briskets, bacon, herring, and oysters. You can also try smoking vegetables, spices, and oils that will add flavor to your dishes.

It is fun
Having a BBQ while you are smoking your favorite dishes is the best way to bring your loved ones at gatherings and parties. Bringing people for a day of smoking ribs or brisket out in the backyard is the perfect way to both cook and leave your guests excited. It’s just a great day way to spend quality time outdoors.

There is nothing quite as enjoyable and fulfilling as enjoying gourmet-quality food in your backyard. With the right smoker and the right cooking method, you can enjoy a restaurant-like experience with your family from the comfort of your own home.

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Why Every Home Needs to Have a Smoker
Want to cook more delicious food in 2020? Well, we’ve got you covered with some juicy, smoked flavors. 

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