Why Do I Need to Protect My Devices with a VPN?


Are you sure someone is not hacking your laptop/smartphone right now? Have you applied every possible combination to avoid that?

The truth about the privacy of personal data is that you can’t make your devices 100% protected if you don’t have a VPN on each of them. Nothing except a VPN that secures your traffic by transmitting it through the invisible tunnel with the encryption technology can do that. Even the best antivirus program can’t offer you what a simple VPN service does. Should you install it if you do not visit suspicious web services at all?

The Importance of a VPN in the 21st Century
An average person spends more than a day a week online that is twice as long as 9-10 years ago. The same way it has become twice harder to stay anonymous whenever you go to a social media page or shop online.

Online software systems track your activity and collect your Internet surfing habits. Your computer address is absolutely open to whatever site is tracking you.

Due to the growth of digital media and its influence on our lives, it is pretty hard to avoid visiting Internet sources at all. It is easier and faster to reach your smartphone/laptop rather than search for information in a book, magazine, or newspaper. The areas we use computers and smartphones have increased a lot, especially with the number of free public networks we have today. Almost any place you go to has a free WiFi zone that is a favorite technique of stealing someone’s data for most hackers and cybercriminals.

The Internet providing companies can sell your traffic details to other companies in order to promote their services or products. With the number of reasons we use mobile devices for, you must be sure that your nicknames, logs, and the list of pages you visit are fully protected even when you are surfing the Net while sitting on the couch. Luckily, you have a chance to protect your data in one click only. We are talking about technology, which is known as a VPN.

The Reasons to Pick a VPN
●      It hides your presence online by changing your real IP. If you are a fan of free WiFi signals, never use them without connecting to a VPN first.

●      It helps to access different pages and social media platforms from any corner in the world. Forget the borders and visit even those foreign pages that are blocked in the region you are in at the moment. Go to those web pages you want – buy/sell products, read books, listen to music, and watch movies abroad.

●      It does not influence the quality of the Internet.

If you are into innovative technologies and a digital world in general, or you spend at least a few hours per day on the Internet, get educated on data protection first. Start with a VPN.

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