White Christmas: Pennsylvania Insane Snowfall Breaks Record in Two-Days (VIDEO)


The city of Erie, Pennsylvania is greeting White Christmas with record 53″ of snow covered in just two days.

Snow Record

As it was expected, a snow storm started after 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve. As of 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 26, total accumulation had reached 56.5 inches, according to the National Weather Service.

The two-days snowfall shattered a city record and became a largest-ever snowfall over such short period. Data from the NWS puts Erie’s Christmas 2017 accumulation ahead of a 1958 storm in Morgantown, which saw 44 inches pile up over the same period.

As for today, the total since Dec. 23 is to more than 62.9 inches of snow in.

It’s not over yet

According to National Weather Service snowfall is expected to continue through Wednesday afternoon. Ir also possible that ice around the Mississippi Valley to the Carolinas.

The city of Erie declared a Snow Emergency on Tuesday, Erie Police said.
“Roads are dangerous and impassable,” police said on Facebook. “This is an incredible amount of snow that we’re trying to move and (we) appreciate resident cooperation. Residents should stay off of City of Erie streets until it stops snowing, and we can get the roads open.”
Flight cancellations

Christmas Day weather caused seven flight cancellations and 235 delays across the United States on Monday, mostly in Detroit, Chicago and Boston, according to flight tracking site FlightAware.
FlightAware forecast 28 cancellations for Tuesday, and eight for Wednesday.

Nexter prepared an easy guide about what to do if your flight was delayed or canceled.

Why it’s happening?

Atmospheric scientist Angela Fritz explains in The Washington Post that very specific conditions are required to generate so much snow:
“To put it simply, lake effect snow occurs when cold air passes over relatively warm lake water, picks up some of that moisture from the lake and transports it to land, where it falls as snow. The biggest lake effect snow storms tend to happen in November and early December, when water temperatures are still pretty mild. A big cold snap can convert that warm moisture into a lot of snow — and fast.”

Here are most impressive Erie city snowfall photos shared via Twitter.

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White Christmas: Pennsylvania Insane Snowfall Breaks Record in Two-Days (PHOTOS)
The city of Erie, Pennsylvania is greeting White Christmas with record 53" of snow covered in just two days.
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