What You Should Consider When Deciding on A Superyacht?


There eventually comes a time when a keen charterer or owner of a luxury yacht wants to take the next step. In most cases, this results in making the exciting decision to purchase their very own superyacht.


If this sounds familiar, particularly if you don’t know where to start, you might have wondered how the decision-making process works. In this blog we offer some food for thought for how to decide on choosing the right kind of yacht for your circumstances, and offer a little bit of advice related to the crew as well. With these points in mind you’ll be much more likely to make an informed decision.

Deciding how you’ll use your yacht

For some, aesthetics may play a significant role in choosing a superyacht. While aesthetics are important, it’s much more important to first consider what tasks you want your superyacht to perform – will it favor speed and handling for short trips, or do you need it equipped to manage long-haul expeditions? Once you’ve decided on what you need your vessel to do, then you can properly dedicate time to finding a slick-looking yacht. If you’re still unsure, chartering a yacht – or several of them – with online chartering platforms like Ahoy Club should give you a much better idea of what you need. While you obviously have an idea of what you want in a superyacht, make sure to also pay heed to what your guests – whether they be friends, family or colleagues – may want in a boat. After all, if your superyacht lacks facilities to entertain children, family holidays might become more difficult than necessary! If you’re not sure what they might want or need, it always pays to ask – they’ll appreciate the thought and might even remind you about an important feature you’d forgotten about.

Make sure to keep the crew in mind

There’s no way one person can juggle every role on a vessel as impressive as a superyacht, , even if managing your own luxury vessel previously was a breeze. With a dramatic increase in size comes a need for adequate maintenance and management, and this is represented by your diehard crew. Before purchasing your superyacht, you’ll need to consider how many crew members you’ll need, how you’ll find them and how often they’ll need to be on board, as over or understaffing a superyacht can quickly throw a spanner in the works during one of your trips. Hiring the right crew will mean itineraries, maintenance and yacht operations run smoothly, meaning more time for you to relax or entertain your lucky guests. Last, but absolutely not least, you’ll need to find a captain. Ideally, you’ll find the most experienced captain you can afford and make them a part of the actual superyacht-buying process. This is chiefly because an experienced captain will have a good understanding of what a well-maintained yacht should look like and will be (obviously) invaluable in managing your new crew.

Exploring your options with your new superyacht

After you’ve taken the plunge and purchased your superyacht, enjoy it! It’s important to remember the benefits of having a vessel are multi-faceted – when you’re not using it, it’s also possible to make your yacht available for private charter. This way you can keep your crew engaged all year round and mitigate some of the costs associated with owning a superyacht. Even if you want to keep it all to yourself, buying a superyacht is one of the best investments you can make.

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What You Should Consider When Deciding on A Superyacht?
There eventually comes a time when a keen charterer or owner of a luxury yacht wants to take the next step.
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