What To Look For In Wireless Earbuds under $100


The popularity of wireless earbuds has become evident, through their widespread use by people all around the world. Many earphone brands have adopted this trend further increasing their saturation in the market. Wireless earbuds are known to bring convenience and freedom for the user. You no longer have to carry your device everywhere you go as the Bluetooth technology gives you a good connection for a good couple of meters. Finding a trusted source for your first pair of headphones might be tough. To make it easier for you, Headphoneslab is one of the credible sites for your shopping.

Another brand, which is worth checking out, is Redux noise cancelling earbuds. Made by a group of sound engineers and audiophiles, these are the best noise cancelling wireless earbuds that push the boundaries with a 90 hours charging case and an AI Powered Active noise cancellation feature!

These earbuds are also quite affordable and you can get a great one for as little as 30$. But of course you will need to know what to consider before actually making a purchase. If you are going for an affordable one preferably under 100$, here are some vital factors you need to look at.

1. Sound
Whether you’re buying a $50 wireless earphone or a $1000 one, sound quality is one factor you simply cannot ignore. Despite sound being associated mainly with audiophiles, it is a universal consideration when purchasing a wireless earbud. Most wireless earbuds come with aptX technology. This helps improve the sound quality of the earbuds and therefore it would be wise to go for one equipped with this technology. Other features to consider in terms of sound would be; noise cancellation and bass emphasis.

2. Comfort
Under comfort, we will also look at size and form as they do affect how good the earbuds fit in your ears. A good wireless earbud should be comfortable enough for you to listen to your music for hours without irritation. When it comes to form, we have on-ear, over-ear and in-ear. On-ear wireless earbuds simply cover the top part of your ear without enclosing them whereas the over ear encloses your entire ear. In-ear are the ones you directly insert inside the ear. Depending on your preference, these factors are important to consider. On-ear and over-ear wireless earbuds are usually designed to produce punchy bass and higher volume as compared to the in-ear. This is however not to say that they are all superior to the in-ear earbuds. A great display of some wonderfully designed and budget friendly in-ear wireless earbuds can be viewed here. When it comes to size, some people prefer smaller sized earbuds to the bigger ones while others prefer the opposite. This is more of an individual choice and hence you should go with one that you think will be more comfortable for you.

3. Battery life
As you should know, the reliance on battery is one of the few drawbacks of wireless earbuds. However, it is too small an issue to make you opt out of buying wireless earphones entirely. You just need to figure out how long it is able to last before charging is required. Of course the longer, the better. You can also make your choice by assessing how long you listen to music daily. Ensure that it is able to last for that long.

4. Additional features
Finding a wireless earbud under $100 with additional features like waterproof capability and controls for volume and track skipping may be difficult but not impossible. If you are able to get one with some features that others do not possess in that price range, then it would be advisable to go for it. Controls give you even more freedom as you do not have to regularly go to your phone when you want to skip a track, increase the volume or pause the music.

The factors mentioned above are the most important things to look for in a wireless earbuds under $100. If the earbud you want to purchase has a good sound quality, built quality, comfort and battery life then you are good to go.

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