What Makes Orlando Limo Service The Best For Prom?


Orlando Airport Limousine Service has been in the business for over 20 years, and in that much time, it has safely and comfortably navigated people around Orlando and its neighborhood.

We have a large fleet of cars, service packages and experienced chauffeurs who have knowledge of every nook and corner of Orlando!

Whether you live here, are constantly visiting for meetings or touring Orlando for the first time, you should always book yourself Orlando Airport Limo beforehand, so your travels may be as effortless as possible!

Why consider a luxurious ride to your Prom?
Prom is one of the most memorable and special nights of any teenager’s life. An easy, safe and posh ride is like the cherry on top of a perfect night. You and your friends can not only enjoy the ride together but arrive on time in the flawless glitz!

Reasons to pick Orlando Airport Limo as your ride to Prom:
Prom isn’t just about the destination, it is also about the quality time you have in the ride with your closest friends. An easy yet classy ride is always one of the highlights.

If you want to reach the venue in a crisp suit or a silky wrinkle-free gown, choose Orlando Airport Limo. We have mastered luxury unlike anyone else and have given hundreds of prom-goers a time of their life! Here’s why you should give OAL the opportunity to be your ride:

1.   We’ve got an Extensive Fleet:
Orlando Airport Limo houses tons of different models, from a 3 passenger Mercedes S 550 to an 18 passenger Suburban Stretch Limo. All of our fleets are available in different colors with the latest models, enabling you to pick the coziest dream ride you could imagine!

Not just that, our cars have all the necessary safety features such as airbags, backup cameras and anti-theft alarms so that you can enjoy a secure trip. The cars also have Power Mirrors, Power Seats, Heated & Cooled Seats and Tinted Windows for an undisturbed easy and lovely ride!

2.    The Trained Chauffeurs Cater to All Your Needs:
The chauffeurs have been trained well to take care of all your needs and wants. They are well-dressed and will open the door for you when you arrive, making you feel like a celebrity of the night.

Besides this, they are quite good at giving tips about Prom too, with their own high school experience. You can chat with them if you like and get an answer to all your questions!

The drivers also have expert navigation, and they know every nook and corner of the city. So just kick back and relax, and don’t worry about having to be a guide on your prom!

3.    Totally Unadulterated Luxury awaits:
Your parents won’t have to worry now because, in Orlando Airport Limo’s Prom Service, you get completely unadulterated luxury. The cars have top-notch leather seats, premium music, TV entertainment, mood lighting and many other features. Never get bored when in an Orlando Limo!

Since prom is about enjoying teen life, Orlando Limousine makes sure to give you the perfect ride without any adulterated entertainment. Our splendid and quick travel around-town will have you getting to the venue in your finest attire in no time!

4.    They have the Experience in Prom Rides:
We have been transporting students from their houses to the prom venue since we started the business of top-tier luxury transportation in Orlando. With our two-decade-long experience, the knowledge of our industry has grown vastly.

This is one of the reasons why you should opt for Orlando Airport Limousine. We have the know-how of everything, from venues to streets, from car types to price range. We keep our prices on the lower side and your expectations on the higher, catering finely to the latter!

5.    Our Cars have Style:
We know Prom is about elegance, about style and about the class. That is why we have a fleet of new-modeled fashionable cars at our disposal. The shiny body and the exquisite seats of the car will make anyone think you’re a celebrity!

Orlando Limousine fulfills your prom dream by not only eye-catching designs, but also by a smooth ride that can impress your friends or your prom date! With an expensive-looking (but very affordable) limousine by your side, you will be the center of attention!

6.    We’ll take you Anywhere:
Unlike other companies, Orlando Limousine will gladly take you from one end of Orlando to the other. With your decided arrangements, OAL can not only take you across Orlando but its nearby cities as well! These include Melbourne, Pembroke Pines, Highland Beach, Indian Creek, Cape Coral and more!

The drivers are committed to their jobs and will definitely make sure of your safe return home, even if you are bound to outside the city. Check out our service areas for further details.

How to book the Prom Package:
Orlando Limousine dispenses different options for booking you can choose:

  • To book online, go to our Reserve Now page. There, pick your Service Type as “Prom” and enter adequate information.
    • Proceed on to Select Vehicle and choose the coolest car that speaks to you!
    • Enter some final details such as name and phone number & Voila! You have booked yourself a first-class experience to your Prom!
  •  You can also give us a ring at our toll-free number 1-800-617-9590 and book the ride of your choice!
  • Lastly, you can prearrange a ride by emailing us at info@orlandoairportlimousine.com too!
  • If you have any queries, you can always check out our FAQs page. You may contact us at the email above or by ringing a bell at 407-442-2777.

So what are you waiting for? Prom is a once in a lifetime experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

If your prom is coming around any time, go and reserve yourself an Orlando Airport Limousine today for the ultimate experience you’ll never forget and have the best prom ride you could have imagined since your childhood!

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