What is the Cost of an Instagram-Like App?


Today we can’t imagine our life without social media services. They became a vital part of our everyday lives. We are posting photos, sending messages, checking on news feed, following famous people and so forth, using not just one but dozens of social media apps. And regardless of the existence of successful projects with seven-figure number of registered users, new apps emerge from day to day.The tremendous popularity of social media services caused the high demand in social media app development. Many entrepreneurs want to create apps that will look like the ones installed in almost every smartphone and who generate huge revenues annually. Let’s look into the social media app development cost with Instagram as an example.

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A brief history of Instagram

Instagram launched in 2010 and for a year and a half was available only on iOS devices. At that time Instagram introduced its MVP (Minimum Viable Product), that contained only key features. In 2012 app received version for Android OS. The same year Instagram was acquired by Facebook. The service originally allowed to upload four-square photos. But Instagram withdrew that restriction in 2015.

The secret of success

As we can see, Instagram started as a simple photo-sharing app but quickly gained popularity. As of now the service has 1 billion registered users. But how did Instagram managed to succeed? The answer to this question is simple. The service is constantly evolving and improving. Not only it adds new features and products, but also regularly improves user experience. The current update of Instagram maintains simple yet intuitive navigation along with laconic design.

In addition, today the service allows users to not only share photos and videos but also helps to boost their business. One can say that Instagram now became a marketplace with thousands of shops and vendors presented on the platform.

Adding features one by one

One of the first major updates Instagram introduced in 2013. It was Instagram Direct feature, in-app messenger.

In 2015 users received the ability to include multiple images in a single post.

In 2017 Instagram presented Instagram Stories. This feature allowed users to broadcast short videos.

And in 2018 Instagram launched IGTV as a standalone app but made it available within the traditional app.

What are the key features of Instagram?

●       Authorization (email, phone number, Facebook)

●       User profile

●       Messenger

●       Image customization

●       Geolocation

●       View user profiles and follow other users

●       Personalized feed

●       Search

●       Mentions

●       Analytics

●       Settings

How much does it cost to create Instagram?

There is no denying that it’s almost impossible to build an app that will have Instagram’s functionality. Since such a project requires enormous monetary resources, versed development team and, above all, effective management.

Moreover the price for a mobile app development by far depends on the following factors:

●       Amount of features and their complexity

●       UI/UX design

●       Number of platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)

●       Technology stack

●       Development rates

That’s why it’s hard to estimate the real cost and time to develop an app similar to Instagram.

The total amount can exceed 3 million dollars depending on the client’s requests.

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