What Is Demisexual? 13 Possible Reasons That You Are Demisexual


Demisexuality is a relatively new term. Translated from French, demi means “half” or “divided in half.” Nexter.org will help you understand this topic better, so keep on reading! 

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– definition

Demisexuality – the lack of sexual attraction in a person until a strong emotional attachment to another is formed. Often, in this case, they speak of primary and secondary sexual attraction.

In fact, demisexuality is a consequence of the satisfaction of communicating with a person at a certain stage. may be attracted to one person, often this attraction is not sexual, but friendly, or associated with communication at work.

The term demisexuality appeared relatively recently on the Asexual Visibility & Education Network website in 2008 and is gaining more and more popularity every day. The main thing to understand demisexuality is normal and like any orientation, it is very difficult.

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Features of demisexuality

Under the ‘’ meaning, we mean a person that is capable of experiencing sexual attraction only to someone to whom they have a strong emotional attachment. Demisexuals are not attracted to any particular gender; they are attracted only to a specific person or group of people. As a rule, relationships are very valuable and based on love.

People who consider themselves demisexuals say that before they are ready to enter into intimacy, they should have a romantic feeling. In this regard, psychologists and psychotherapists researching this issue encounter difficulties in understanding the corresponding condition.

The problem is that such a complex feeling as love is experienced differently by each individual person.

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How to identify that you are ?

There are several criteria by which the condition in question is determined:

  • Inability to often experience sexual attraction;
  • Anxiety arising from the thought of meeting a stranger;
  • You need a lot of time in order to fall in love;
  • Mixed feelings about sexual intimacy;
  • Sex is not the main part of life;
  • Communication in the initial stages is very important;
  • Inability to have sex after a sufficiently large number of dates.
  • Being sexually attracted to friends – meeting new people is very difficult, so it’s easier to have romantic feelings for friends;
  • The main thing is a strong emotional attachment to another person.
  • The sexual attraction is not absent, but it is very small and rare;
  • Demisexuals do not understand people who can easily spend the night with a stranger or a stranger.
  • Sexual fantasies are an integral part of erotic life;
  • Demisexuals do not like to flirt;

The community has its own flag. The meaning of the colors is the following: black – asexuality, white – sexuality, gray – demisexuality, violet – asexual community.

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Demisexuality is a relatively new term. Translated from French, demi means "half" or "divided in half." Nexter.org will help you understand this topic better, so keep on reading! 

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