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The intrauterine device—or as it is more commonly known, the IUD—was created with the intention of preventing pregnancy from anywhere between three to ten years, depending upon the model. While it does not, of course, protect from STDs, it is generally heralded as the best and least fussy way to protect oneself from an unplanned pregnancy. All you would have to do is go to the doctor to take it out once it expires; the procedure itself is quick and relatively pain-free.


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It’s no wonder, then, that IUDs have soared in popularity as the most lauded forms of birth control available on the market. They do not have the nasty side effects of the pill and remain incredibly reliable. That being said, there have been a few disturbing instances wherein the IUD has failed tremendously, and the lawsuits from the Paragard device failure haven’t helped matters. While the IUD is a fairly stable form of birth control, it does have its drawbacks, especially when it breaks.

The following are a few things to bear in mind in case this happens to you.

What “Breaking” means
Those less familiar with the IUD and recent controversies tend to think that the device breaking is something similar to a condom tearing apart. Unfortunately, it isn’t. When a condom breaks, that means that it won’t work and pregnancy is likely imminent. When an IUD breaks, it fractures within the uterus, leaving broken or fragmented pieces lodged inside, which in turn can lead to uterine infection, pain, cramping and excessive bleeding, or worse: migration of the broken pieces to other organs, and perforation of the uterine lining. The health effects are stark and can cause a great deal of damage to a woman’s physical and mental health.

First step
If you suspect that the aches you’ve been dealing with could have been caused by a broken IUD, then call your doctor immediately. There should never be an attempt to extract the IUD yourself, and medical attention is required. If your doctor is able to determine that your IUD has indeed broken up inside of you by first looking at the results of an ultrasound, then he or she might decide that a full, invasive surgery to remove the remaining pieces is necessary. Some of the treatments they might consider include a uterine incision or a total hysterectomy. If the IUD piece might have migrated to another organ, then a complicated surgery to remove it will have to be undertaken.

All of these procedures or surgeries, while generally doable, are incredibly risky and there are some health consequences to take into account. For one, the patient may never be able to have children. Second, and just as troublesome, future vaginal deliveries will never be an option.

Legal advice
If any of the above happens to you, then you should become acquainted with your legal rights straight away. Consult a lawyer and have him or her review your case in full, contact the medical team that helped you, and generally research the situation as much as possible to understand the financial compensation to which you are entitled. Consultations are not hard to come by, and you should be sure to act promptly since there is a very small window of time for victims to seek financial compensation after they have been injured. The statute of limitations tends to be very short, so don’t allow for too much time to go by before you seek to file a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the IUD.

How much you are owed
It will be up to your lawyer to see how much money you should receive should you go through such a ghastly experience. Keep in mind that you can receive compensation not just for your medical expenses, but for the days you missed out on being able to work as a result of the surgeries, emotional harm, how much your body has been incapacitated, and so on. The most important thing is to never let something so traumatic go unreported and without bringing it to the attention of the authorities. Companies that make faulty IUDs should be held accountable.


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While the chances of these issues occurring with an IUD tend to be rare, few women are made aware of the consequences or potential complications. A bit more information regarding birth control before deciding upon the best option for them would have made a huge difference in their lives. Don’t forget to immediately call your doctor in case of emergency and for medical advice regarding common adverse effects.

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What Happens If You Experience Broken IUD
The intrauterine device—or as it is more commonly known, the IUD—was created with the intention of preventing pregnancy from anywhere between three to ten years, depending upon the model.

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