Westminster Car Crash in London, Golden State Killer Charged With 13th Murder + 4 More HOT News To Know About World (TUE)


Nexter.org made a list of the most important  you need to know this Tuesday morning (August 14).

1. Vienna named world’s most liveable city 

Vienna ends Australian city’s winning streak due to a downgraded threat of militant attacks and low crime rate.

2. Google keeps a history of your locations even when Location History is off

Earlier today, the Associated Press published a report detailing how Google can log users’ locations even if they’ve opted out of the company’s Location History feature.

3. Golden State Killer has been charged 

Joseph DeAngelo, the 72-year-old former police officer who has already been accused of 12 other killings across California, was charged with first-degree murder in Snelling’s death.

4. Candidate for Florida State House admits she lied about graduating from college

A Republican candidate running for Florida’s State House has admitted to lying about graduating from a college — going so far as to pose with a fake diploma — but says she is staying in the race despite calls for her to drop out.

5. Elon Musk works with Goldman Sachs and Silver Lake to help take Tesla private

Elon Musk said via Twitter Monday evening that he was working on a proposal with Goldman Sachs and Silver Lake as financial advisors to take Tesla private.

6. Car crashes into barrier outside UK parliament

A man was arrested Tuesday morning after his car crashed into a security barrier outside the UK Houses of Parliament, in central London injuring a number of pedestrians.


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 Golden State Killer Charged With 13th Murder, Google Always Keeps Your Locations History + 3 More HOT News To Know About World (TUE)
Nexter.org made a list of the most important news you need to know this Tuesday morning (August 14).

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