Wall Mount Stainless Steel Shelves: Pros and Cons of Metal Shelving in a Commercial Kitchen


Wall mount stainless steel shelves are the most demanded multi-functional items that can deliver an array of design solutions depending on the needs. A properly chosen wall mounted metal shelving option is able to simultaneously solve several problems even in the busiest commercial kitchens: save free space and add extra storage surface, become a harmonious addition to the interior, and simplify the food prep and cleaning processes.


The scope of application of stainless steel wall shelves for kitchen differs, depending on the size, installation method, material thickness, the level of steadiness. For commercial spaces, one of the crucial aspects when selecting shelves is the ease of use and guarantees of longevity in places of high humidity. Metal structures are great assistants when it comes to compliance with sanitary standards and strict food safety control. Moreover, the huge weight of the stored items in catering establishments requires the arrangement of the premises with stainless steel wall shelves that perform the function of a solid stand for storing heavy objects and are distinguished by their strength and sturdiness. The advantages of equipping commercial design using metal shelves are as follows:

  • a long period of smooth performance without losing properties;
  • lightweight product;
  • the strong ability to withstand wear and damage;
  • versatility;
  • hassle-free installation;
  • do not deform at high humidity levels or when exposed to temperature fluctuation;
  • is not subject to corrosion, rot, mold, fungus;
  • impervious to staining, scratches, and dents.

In addition to the solidity of the shelf, resistance to extreme kitchen conditions and mechanical and physical stress, wall mount stainless steel shelves are environmentally friendly and fireproof. It is necessary to attach such a shelf taking into account the requirements of ergonomics. Often, they are mounted above kitchen tables to provide easy access to utensils, tools, pots and pans, or commonly used goods, sauces, or spices. The robustness of this stainless steel construction allows keeping even such appliances like a microwave oven, juicer, or food processor. The easy-to-clean shelf will keep dust, dirt, debris, bacteria, and germs away. You can easily clean the surface with a soft sponge and soapy solution.

As for the disadvantages of stainless steel equipment, this primarily includes the price. Compared to wood or plastic alternatives, metal options are much more expensive. But at the same time, the benefits that you get with such a purchase will pay off in the long run due to its excellent performance characteristics.

The nuances of wall mount stainless steel shelves selection

Commercial kitchen spaces must be competently organized to maximize storage capacity and boost staff functionality. The design aspects are no less important in order to achieve the integrity and balance of the interior. Thus, metal shelves will perfectly fit into a kitchen, where there are already tables, cabinets, sinks made of stainless steel. The choice of a convenient attachment that will provide easy dismantling of the metal shelf for cleaning the room is of high importance too. The vertically handed shelf should not become a burden for the personnel of your food establishment, preventing fast implementation of meal prep tasks. Instead of one oversized product, it is better to hang 2-3 compact shelves over the work tables.

If you are in search of other types of indispensable restaurant equipment, check the catalog of AmGoodSupply products. With bakery pan racks, work tables with casters, or mounted overshelves, you can equip your kitchen, improving storage capacity and increasing employee productivity.

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Wall mount stainless steel shelves: pros and cons of metal shelving in a commercial kitchen
Wall mount stainless steel shelves are the most demanded multi-functional items that can deliver an array of design solutions depending on the needs.
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