Upcycling: The Environmental and Creative Way to Style Your Home


If you want to find an outlet for your creativity while being kind to the environment, upcycling is for you. Upcycling is a way to reuse and recycle tired or unwanted household items and turn them into higher quality products that can be used and enjoyed. And, for high-value items such as furniture, upcycling can be a way to rejuvenate your home without having to spend a fortune on buying new chairs, tables, chests of drawers or smaller decorative items.


Upcycling has a positive effect on the environment. Our atmosphere currently has the highest CO2 levels in history, and our oceans are filled with rubbish and plastic waste. Upcycling can help to bring these numbers down by reducing the amount of waste we produce. By upcycling, we remove the need to produce new or raw materials. And, in doing this, we also cut down on air pollution, water pollution, landfill use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Upcycling places importance on self-expression and environmentalism. If you prefer not to undertake upcycling tasks yourself, you can always buy upcycled products from artisans in the community, thereby supporting local and rural industries. Farmers’ markets, town markets and arts and crafts stalls are all places where you can find upcycled treasures. There is something deeply satisfying knowing that your upcycled item is unique or artisanal and that it hasn’t been mass-produced by a designer. Good Housekeeping has some great ideas for upcycling to get you started.

Upcycling is a very creative process. With an idea and a bit of creativity, you can literally turn an item of rubbish into a useful or beautiful object.  For example, you can transform an old wardrobe or a chest of drawers simply by sticking patterned wallpaper onto its tired or worn surfaces. The right knowledge is important in terms of products and you will need to use a good quality glue. Working with your hands and learning how to upcycle can also improve dexterity and broaden your skill set.

Another useful upcycling project is to make decorative storage boxes.  Just grab some good quality spray adhesive, an empty cardboard box, twine and some white muslin fabric then wrap the twine around the box, gluing it every couple of inches. The white fabric becomes the liner and hey presto, you have a beautiful storage basket.

The cost benefits of upcycling rather than always buying new are huge. For example, re-upholstering your sofa is a fraction of the cost of buying a brand-new sofa and you end up with something that reflects your individual taste and personality, rather than something that is mass-produced in a factory. The result is an original sofa that looks like new, for a fraction of the cost.

Upcycling is a means of breathing new life into your home whilst at the same time having a minimum impact on the environment. Even wine bottles or other glass or ceramic containers can be decorated and adapted and turned into lamps, candle holders, plant pots or anything else you fancy. Let your imagination run wild and get upcycling today!

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Upcycling: The Environmental and Creative Way to Style Your Home
If you want to find an outlet for your creativity while being kind to the environment, upcycling is for you.
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