Upcoming Netflix Movies and How To Watch Them


Netflix is taking its role as a media producer seriously, with new shows and movies coming up constantly. Here are some of the most compelling options getting added to the service soon, along with a way to access this content for people who are in locations that have geoblocking or internet censorship.

How to Watch These Netflix Movies
It’s frustrating to know that there are a lot of great Netflix movies coming up, but people won’t be able to view them anywhere in the world. A lot of the restrictions come down to media licensing rights, which vary greatly from country to country. In some cases, the government itself doesn’t allow certain types of content. If someone in that country tries to access the Netflix movie, they would either be informed that it’s not available for viewing in their country, or they may be unable to access the page at all.

The way to get around this issue is by making the user’s web traffic appear as though it originates in another country. A technology called a Virtual Private Network makes this possible. The VPN providers have their own servers in different countries. When a user connects to the VPN service, they can choose the country and their web traffic appears like it comes from there. All of the online activity from the person is encrypted, so even overreaching governments and invasive marketers can’t dig into what they’re doing online. You can aget it here.

Most VPN services make it easy to connect to this resource – in some cases it’s literally one click to turn it off and on. People can protect their computers, smart phones, web browsers and connected devices with a VPN. After they get online through the VPN, they can navigate to Netflix and access the content that was previously blocked.

Netflix does a great job at producing its own movies and shows, as well as partnering with creative groups that can deliver all types of styles and genres. With a VPN, viewers won’t run into any restrictions when they’re in the mood for a movie night.

The Laundromat
The Laundromat takes on the topic of money laundering and the revealing information of the Panama Papers. This movie is told from the journalists’ point of view as they uncovered these files. It’s a compelling story involving the secret banking accounts that political figures and others use to avoid paying taxes and audit trails. The stars in this movie include Meryl Streep, Antonio Banderas, and Gary Oldman.

Seeing the influences of other countries in horror series is always fascinating to see. Ares is based in the Netherlands and follows a teenage secret society. They end up pulling demons from the past into the modern day, and the series shows exactly how that plays out for Amsterdam.

The Perfection
The Perfection has an unassuming name for a gory horror movie that focuses on two musical prodigies who end up going down an unexpected path that’s filled with visceral horror and just plain evil. It focuses more on the “gross out” kind of gore, so if that’s up the viewer’s alley, they’re going to love every second of it. No one will look at these two musical geniuses the same after they get done watching.

I Am Mother
It’s time for some sci-fi thrills! This post-apocalyptic story centers around Mother, a robot whose goal is to repopulate Earth. She’s raising a human teenager on her own, one of the last representatives of humankind. However, the unexpected arrival of another human causes the entire project to go off the rails.

Beats follows the friendship of a teen excelling in the hip-hop world and a security guard at the high school he goes to. This interesting match up leads to a lot of insightful, touching and hopeful moments throughout the film. It takes place in Chicago’s South Side, showing the influence that this part of the city has on hip-hop in general and the city in particular.

Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus
Invader Zim had a lot of fans when it was airing back in the early 2000s, and they’re all going to be thrilled at this movie. For people feeling nostalgic and wanting to get on a zany, weird and entertaining adventure, this is going to be a perfect pick.

The King
The King in question for this movie is King Henry V, with the story being adapted from a Shakespeare play. This historical drama is an excellent choice for those who love other shows in the medieval era, as well as fantasy series that focus on court intrigue. Henry V ascends to the throne during a tumultuous time in England, as war is widespread and the political maneuverings are challenging to overcome.

Parents will go to greath lengths to try to find a cure for rare diseases. In Eli, an unconventional doctor has plenty of experimental methods for treatment methods, with horrific results. His illness leaves him isolated from the outside, and the treatment has him going through strange and haunting encounters. The house itself may be the thing putting him the most at risk.

Stranger Things Season 3
This quintessential entry into the ’80s “kids on bikes” show genre is coming back for a third season. Stranger Things is always an engaging and entertaining romp through all of the supernatural happenings in this town. It’s time to binge-watch the first two seasons to get ready for this one to drop!

Designated Survivor: 60 Days
If this show name sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the Korean version of the drama that has the exact same title. The story revolves around an explosion that takes out a large portion of the functioning government. A scientist, who was Minister of Environment, ends up attaining the role of President. This series dives deep into what it would take to adjust to such a big change in position, as well as what caused the explosion in the first place.

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