Unique Gifts for Dad For Christmas


Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, Father’s Day, or just a random day you feel like giving, shopping for dad can be difficult. I mean it’s hard enough figuring out what he wants for dinner, and now you have to shop for him?


Thankfully, there are hundreds of unique gifts out there that could be the answer to your father-gift-buying dilemma.

In order to narrow down the search, here are 5 general “categories of dads” to get your thoughts (and cash) flowing.

Unique Gifts for Each Type of Dad

1.  The Old School Dad

Chances are, your dad loves to chill with a sports game after work, listen to old records, and keep a watchful eye on the news.

One great idea to snazz up his office or “den” is a unique printed canvas. Printed canvases can be personalised to fit many subjects, including favourite locations, sports teams, or quotes.

Various websites offer canvas prints, such as FamilyGiftsCo, that can be ordered in a range of sizes and designs. Whether he decides to hang it on the wall or prop it up next to the TV, your dad is sure to love a printed canvas, designed specifically for him.

2.  The Gym Shark Dad

If your dad thrives off intense workouts, loves to exercise, or has an affinity for all things health-related, then you should consider getting him a pair of wireless headphones.

Bose is a great company to find Bluetooth-enabled headphones because of their outstanding customer service. If something goes wrong with the headphones, 9 times out of 10 Bose will replace them with a new pair for no charge.

3.  The Tree-Hugger Dad

We all know that one dad who is completely in love with all things nature. Maybe his favourite past-time is fishing, or he enjoys a bike ride through the woods. Either way, a unique way to draw on your father’s environmental passion is by getting him something he can take outside with him and re-use over and over.

From reusable water bottles to mugs and even reusable bags, there is a multitude of options. One of my favourite water bottle brands is Nalgene, as they are BPA-free and can hold up to 1.5L.

4.  The DIY Dad

Most dads love a good challenge. But some take it to the next level and decide that every home improvement project should be their own personal DIY project.

For these dads, a unique present is a magnetic wristband that holds nails, screws, and drill bits. These wristbands are typically adjustable and are made to fit comfortably.

While most hardware stores will probably sell some sort of version of a magnetic wristband.

5.  The Foodie Dad

If your dad is a wiz in the kitchen and thinks nothing is better than a weekend barbeque with friends, then one thing to consider is a silicone spatula.

There’s nothing worse than cooking in the kitchen with a plastic spatula that melts, is hard to clean, and only lasts a year or two. Silicone spatulas are versatile and will make your next batch of pancakes come out with ease.

One of our favourites is Di Oro’s spatula set, as it comes with 3 different sizes, each perfect for a different use.

Still Stuck?

Maybe instead of buying a unique gift, you can make one yourself! Websites like Pinterest provide many creative ideas of crafts and objects you can make from home. Designing a gift from home is also cost-efficient and can be personalised however you like.

Written by Meghan Hale, a content writer at Pearl Lemon and editing machine. You’ll find me yelling at my dog to stop barking, whether it be at the neighbors or on a long afternoon walk!

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Unique Gifts for Dad For Christmas
Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, Father’s Day, or just a random day you feel like giving, shopping for dad can be difficult.
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