Uber and Volvo Make HUGE Step to Autonomous Cars Reality in 2019


Together Uber and Volvo made a deal on launching self-driving cars on the road. This might be a huge step in the development of driverless cars industry.

Deal might cost $1,4 billion


Source: timedotcom.com

On Monday, Uber agreed to buy twenty-four thousand driverless cars from Volvo in 2019-2021. Both companies haven’t shared information about the financial side of the deal.

But, according to Wall Street Journal, the total price of the deal might be over $1 billion. Financial times estimated that the deal will cost $1,4 billion.  

Previously, in February 2017, Uber signed an agreement on long-term cooperation with Daimler for the launching of unmanned Mercedes taxis in the parks.

Driverless XC90 vehicles


Source: japantimes.co.jp

Volvo Cars engineers worked closely with engineers from Uber to produce premium XC90 off-road vehicles that would be delivered to the company. These flagships’ prototypes are already being tested as a taxi service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Tempe, Arizona.

The car can be ordered by anyone, however, the ride is carried out in the presence of two Uber engineers, one of which is the driver. Their task is to intervene in case of emergency.

Uber’s goal


Source: volvocars.com

The head of Uber’s automobile alliances Jeff Miller said that his goal “was from day one to make investments into a vehicle that could be manufactured at scale.”


Source: businessinsider.com

Volvo will have to fight for the first place on the market as Automakers of driverless cars like Tesla and Ford are also producing self-driving flagships.

Moreover, Uber is currently waiting for the trial set in December: Waymo is accusing Uber of stealing of some of the trade secrets.

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