Tech Addict: Twitter Wants 336M Users to Change Password, Facebook’s Most Powerful AI Tools + 3 More Exciting Cool-Tech News

593 gathered most interesting cool and announcements for the week. 

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336M Twitter users should change their password

Twitter announced on they discovered a bug that saved user passwords unprotected on an internal log.

The company stated they fixed the problem. However, Twitter said there is no evidence passwords have been stolen, that’s why users should change their passwords immediately.

Due to the fact that GDPR kicks off in three weeks, this ‘unexpected’ bug looks artificial. There is a chance that the company tries to hide something before the regulations hit.

Facebook announcements from F8

F8 is a two-day annual event held by Facebook is set on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 2018. Here are some of the most important announcements:

  • AI will protect you: Facebook stated that AI spotted and deleted 2M items of terrorist propaganda, with 99% of those being noticed by AI before people reported. Facebook is to improve AI technology in the future year.
  • Facebook is adding dating app to its platform for the serious relationship, not hookups. “We understand this category better than anyone. Facebook’s entry will only be invigorating to all of us,”  Match Group, which owns Tinder, responded;
  • Facebook announced an upcoming Clear History feature, which will allow you to easily delete your data from Facebook;
  • WhatsApp and Instagram announced that it is adding a group video calling feature as Facetime;
  • Oculus Go headset is now on sale and its starting price is just $199 with 32GB storage. For $249 you get 64GB.

More announcements here.

T-Mobile and Sprint $26 Billion merge deal


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T-Mobile and Sprint, the US third- and fourth-largest wireless carriers, respectively, agreed to a nearly $27 billion merger Sunday. The  could dramatically reshape the U.S. telecom industry while testing the appetites of consumers and regulators alike for further corporate consolidation.

Sprint was valued at $26 billion based on its last closing price, and T-Mobile was last valued at $55 billion.

The agreement would leave just three major wireless carriers in the United States and must clear antitrust regulators. The combined company will be called T-Mobile and will place T-Mobile’s chief, John Legere, in the top job.

Read more about it here.

WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum quits

Image result for Jan Koum 


The reason for disagreement with Facebook regarding the further development of its service and the requirements for privacy is the following: the social network allegedly wanted to use some of the personal data to improve the quality of the targeted advertising, and Koum was against it.

Koum confirmed he left WhatsApp by publishing a post on Facebook, but without specifying any details about the reasons for leaving. Check out the details here.

GDPR hits on May 25

GDPR is the European Union’s general data protection regulations that will affect everybody starting from May 25, 2018. The regulations to influence any company that uses the private data and sensitive info of EU citizens.

However, it’s important to know that not only EU companies will be affected by the new regulations. Any American company that works with EU citizens should make sure they follow all the rules of GDPR.

Read how to make sure your company is GDPR compliant here.


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Tech Addict: Twitter Wants 336M Users to Change Password, Facebook's Most Powerful AI Tools + 3 More Exciting Cool-Tech News
Tech Addict: Twitter Wants 336M Users to Change Password, Facebook's Most Powerful AI Tools + 3 More Exciting Cool-Tech News
Description gathered most interesting cool tech news and announcements for the week.

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