Trump News: Trump’s Twitter Ban and other Top Craziest Fails of Social Networks


As time passes on, we get more and more assured the social networks and the major Internet-related services are putting in danger all the information we leave in the sticky spider web.

1. Trump’s Twitter account is disabled



On November 2 Trump’s Twitter account was suspended for 11 minutes by the customer support representative.

It is stated they were on the last day of work and were brave enough to play a little with the President’s account. Just imagine how much power a regular Twitter employee has!

Twitter executives keep saying it was unintentionally deactivated, however, critics all around the world proclaimed this Twitter employee a revolutionary hero:

The fact that Donald Trump was able to be cut from the world just for 11 minutes has astonished the majority of the allies and critics. It also rose a question whether this Twitter employee has an access to the private information:

This so-called ‘human error’ caused the change of the number of followers. At the moment, thing are back to normal: Trump’s account has 41, 717,022 followers (9:00 a.m. EST).

We do not know for sure whether it was a warning sign or just an effort to distract us from other major news happening in the world. Nevertheless, the one should remember that we cannot believe everything written on the  Internet.

2. Twitter suspends account of Trump’s associate Roger Stone



A week before the Trump’s account deactivation, his ally Roger Stone has experienced the same Twitter error.

At first, Stone was informed his Twitter account is temporarily suspended, but then he read that Twitter had banned him permanently. The reason was the usage of inappropriate language towards a gay CNN presenter.

3. Google Docs is flagging documents as ‘abusive’


On October 31 Google was testing a new code that flagged regular docs as ‘abusive’, locked it and then deleted.

Generally, Google blocks only violent and inappropriate content, however, this time something completely different has happened.

Read more about this new epic fail and Nexter employee experience here.

4. Russian troll ads on Facebook



This week it was reported that almost 11 million of Americans were influenced by the ads a Russian troll farm bought on Facebook during and after the U.S. presidential election.

Facebook promised to take the problem seriously and invest more money in preventing abuses of the users of its social networks.

Earlier this year Facebook overcome another scandal regarding “Jew haters” and “How to burn Jews” ads purchased by users. This time Facebook pledged to review ad targeting system manually.

Moreover, in 2014 Facebook was sued for actively using private messages data to target ads. Links sent in the private messages were scanned and used in creating fake likes.

‘Campbell and Hurley are accusing Facebook of invading users’ privacy by reading personal messages without their consent’, as Business Insider reported.

Can we still trust Twitter, Facebook and Google with our personal info?

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