Trump Tower Planned to Give Putin a Penthouse, Netflix Cancels ‘Daredevil’ Series + 4 More Hot News of Friday, Nov.30

422 made a list of the most important  you need to know this Friday morning (November 30).

1. Trump Tower Moscow concept included idea of giving penthouse to Putin

One idea considered for the proposed Trump Tower in Moscow was to offer Russian President Vladimir Putin the penthouse, according to Felix Sater, who was working on the project with Michael Cohen.

2. Students strike for climate change protests

Thousands of Australian students have defied calls by the Prime Minister to stay in school and instead marched on the nation’s capital cities, and some regional centres, demanding an end to political inertia on climate change.

3. Reggae to be protected by the UN

Reggae has been added to a list of international cultural treasures which the United Nations has deemed worthy of protecting and promoting.

4. Netflix cancels Daredevil after three seasons

Netflix and Marvel TV’s Daredevil will officially end after the third season, according to a statement from the streaming service, which was first reported by Deadline.

5. NASA partners with private companies for next moon landing

NASA announced that nine US companies would bid on contracts to develop technologies for taking payloads to the moon.

6. Congo is experiencing the second deadliest Ebola outbreak in history

The World Health Organization says Congo’s deadly Ebola outbreak is now the second largest in history with 426 cases and 245 deaths so far. Authorities say the outbreak is “far from under control” and is likely to persist for another six months.


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