The Latest Trump News: Trump-Putin Summit: Key Things to Know About Historic Meeting + History of US-Russian Presidents Relationships in Viral Pictures


President has arrived in Helsinki Monday morning for his high-stakes summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin. reports on the result of the meeting as well as the most memorable things that happened ahead of it.


Spurce: Sergey Guneev/Sputnik/AP

Shortly about the meeting

  • Vladimir Putin and are holding a one-to-one meeting in Helsinki after posing for a tense photocall. The two men shook hands for only three seconds.
  • In opening remarks to Putin, Trump said he planned to discuss trade, military, missiles and China. He did not mention Russian meddling in the US election, Ukraine, Syria, Nato or Salisbury poisoning. But he congratulate Putin on a successful World Cup.
  • “Getting along with Russia is a good thing,” Trump said after admitting the US and Russia have “not been getting along very well for the last number of years”. He added: “I really think the world wants to see us get along. We are the two great nuclear powers.”
  • Both Putin and Trump delayed their arrival to the summit in what was widely interpreted as diplomatic gamesmanship. Putin’s plane arrived in Helsinki almost an hour after the summit was due to begin. Trump then delayed his arrival at the Presidential Palace where the talks are taking place.
  • The White House has confirmed that Putin and Trump will hold another bilateral meeting with more aides present after their tete-a-tete. There will also be a joint press conference. The joint press conference had been due to take place at around 4.50pm local time, (2.50pm BST).

Source: abc

Putin made Trump wait for a while

Putin already has the edge in pre-summit posturing by keeping Trump waiting. His plane to Helsinki is reported landed 45 minutes later than expected.


Source: Twitter

 Thomas Pickering, former US ambassador to the UN, said: “Obviously the lateness is something he could have avoided, so it has some intent. That intent obviously is in some ways to level the playing field of publicity about this meeting so that it isn’t all Trump, whatever he’s saying.”


Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter

Free press attacks two presidents

Newspaper billboards in Helsinki attack the record of both Putin and Trump on free speech. Helsingin Sanomat, one of the country’s top news outlets, unveiled nearly 300 billboards calling out the leaders’ respective records of rocky relations with the media. The billboards were placed along the leaders’ route to the summit.


Source: LEHTIKUVA/Reuters

The same note was waiting for Vladimir Putin and was written in Russain.


Source: Meduza

Finnish brewery creates quirky beer for Trump-Putin summit

The beer has been in high demand since it hit the shelves nationwide a few days ago.


Source: AP

Trump says relations with Russia have ‘never been worse’ as he prepares to meet Putin in Helsinki 

Trump said America’s relationship with Russia has never been worse thanks to “many years of US foolishness and stupidity” and the current investigation into Russian meddling in the US election, which he again dismissed as a “rigged witch hunt”.


Source: Twitter

Trump also claimed his predecessor Barack Obama “did nothing” about Russian meddling in the election.

Trump about Putin

Trump is confident of getting on with Putin, he told Piers Morgan for ITV’s Good Morning Britain on board air force one. Trump accepted that Putin “probably is” a ruthless person, but couldn’t tell yet.

Good Morning Britain quoted him saying: “I don’t know him… I met him a couple of times… I think we could probably get along very well”.

Trump-Putin relationships

Two scandalous leaders have a funny compilation of pictures illustrating their relationships, so take a look at some of them.

Graffiti showing Trump kissing Putin


Source: Reuters

Here’s how German political magazine cover mocks Trump, Putin relationship.


Source: der Spiegel


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President Donald Trump has arrived in Helsinki Monday morning for his high-stakes summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin. reports on the result of the meeting as well as the most memorable things that happened ahead of it.

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