Trade Show Marketing: What You Need to Know


Did you just get transferred to the marketing department and have also been made in charge of the trade show exhibit this year and are not too sure where to start? Are you at a loss and want to make a good impression as well? Well you have come to the right place! We are here to discuss all the things you need to know about trade show marketing.


What is Trade Show Marketing?

Trade Show Marketing in a nutshell refers to an exhibition which involves companies and organizations from a certain industry to display their latest products and services.  Trade shows are generally accessible to people who register themselves, representatives of the company or the media and press. By limiting the audience the aim of trade show exhibits is to facilitate consequential conversations amongst the companies, their competitors and the people who consume their products and services.

How to set up your Trade show marketing campaign?

Ideally setting up your trade show marketing campaign should compose of four distinctive steps. Once your company has decided to participate in a trade show, you should follow these four steps

1.     Create a Plan

2.     Prepare for the Show beforehand

3.     Be welcoming and go all out

4.     It doesn’t end with the exhibition

Another crucial thing to remember is that you shouldn’t rush through anything. Think and plan out everything carefully and into every little detail. Most companies tend to hire trade show booth Design Company, to help them smooth out the details. But it is totally up to you and how you want to carry out your campaign.

Research has shown that approximately 75% of customers who visit trade show exhibits are exactly aware of what they expect to see. Which and whose exhibits they want to see and usually have an idea of how much time they want to spend on each exhibit.

In the recent years’ social media and the need for networking has been on the rise, hence giving more platforms for marketing but trade show marketing continues to be still one of the most influential, effective and interactive marketing tool for reaching out to perspective customer.

Level the field

The utmost gain of a trade show exhibit is to facilitate the smaller businesses to contend with their superior and more experienced competitors.

Armed with the precise products and services as well as a defined strategy, undersized corporations can bond with a considerable number of potential customers openly and easily. This allows them to promote their products and services instantaneously and secure maximum number of sales.

The secret to ensure a successful trade show exhibit is to take the event partaking as an incorporated part of the marketing campaign.

Using Tactics that work

Experienced exhibitors are well familiar with the notion that marketing actually officially begins before the doors open on the first day of the trade show exhibit. You can start by recognizing potential customers to come visit their stalls and exhibits on the first day, interact and connect with them directly.

Here are a few trade show marketing strategies that ought to put your show on the right track to success

Start before the show

·       Mail both the invites made by the trade show organizers as well as your own personal business ones. Experienced and successful exhibitors recognize the usefulness of using personalized messages in order to attract customers.

·       Endorse your presence at the trade show by promotion posts on various trade magazines, via e-mails as well as direct mailers, and additionally through telephone calls and obviously your own social media pages and company website.

·       Make the use of social media to stir interest in the crowds. You can tweet your show information to your multitude followers on twitter, send instant updates to various Facebook groups, and make use of further social networking platforms to create awareness and hype.

Amidst the Show

·       Make use of the exhibit hall announcements facility to notify potential customers of the current activities happening in your trade show booth or stall. You have to grab their attention, attract them so they give your stall a visit.

·       Engage your visitors with creative and exciting games. Stir their interest and give away prizes at the end for those who attended your exhibition.

·       Give out tokens or souvenirs that your visitors can remember you by. While pens and notepads can seem very mundane, give something exciting and useful, like customized fidget spinners, a small game or funky stationary, something like a pen that can also be used as a small pocketknife etc.

·       Be sure to also include your contact information in the giveaway

After the show ends

·       Follow up with your clients. This is perhaps one of the most significant trade show marketing strategies; yet, businesses fail to not execute it in the appropriate time. Once you have made note of your exhibit leads and recognized your “hot” customers, it is ideal to follow-up with them in within four days or less by calling them personally and making friendships.

·       For other customers, it is just as essential to send out an email or letter or even a note within four days. A customary “thank you” message can go a long way. Make use of your contact to keep these potential clients updated.


Companies can expand their reach towards the potential market and capitalize on exposure to a wider market segment by taking part in trade shows. It is through trade show exhibits that businesses get the chance to put on a display, exhibit, inform, network and target potential customers as well as make long lasting relationships.

Subsequently trade show exhibits symbolize a distinct major marketing prospect that profits exhibitors even after the exhibit ends. It is for the reason that in this marketplace is where businesses both big and small can cater to a larger market and secure potential customers as well as make long lasting relationships with other clients as well.

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Trade Show Marketing: What You Need to Know
Did you just get transferred to the marketing department and have also been made in charge of the trade show exhibit this year and are not too sure where to start?
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