Track Your Kid’s Whereabouts With Your iPhone


Did you have to track your friends or your spouse at some point? You might have noticed that tracking friends gives you the creepy and sneaky stalker-type feeling. And probably, you even had to drop that kind of behavior. With kids, we can all agree it’s a pretty cool idea to track their movements.  Besides, it’s your child, and all you want is safety for the kid.

In any case, tracking someone’s movement has never been easy.

Fortunately, the Apple group has made some flawless, simple to-utilize tools that you can use to track your kids by the use of your iPhone.

Let’s take a look at how this is possible.

The first thing that you should do is enabling the ‘Share My Location’ feature on both iPhones. The one that you will be using to track and the kid’s iPhone. You should also ensure both phones have access to the internet.

With that said, let’s look at how you can actually track your child’s iPhone.

Track an iPhone

While tracing your child using an iPhone, there are three ways you can choose to use. You can select using Find My Friends application, checking their location using the shared message thread or even the location data.

Using Find My Friends

This is the easiest way to track your kid. You’ll need to download Find My Friends app form Apple’s App store and launch it. The app will give you an option at the bottom of ‘share my location’ which you are to enable. With the app on your iPhone, you should be able to view anyone that you are allowed to see their location which should include your child’s phone.

Using iMessage app

When having a conversation with your child you can easily view his or her location. You only need a little tap at the options icon – ⓘ. Some info will appear along with a map showing the place from which the messages are emanating from.

Again this will be possible with the ‘share my location’ button enabled on your child’s iPhone.

Tracing a lost iPhone

Your kid might or will even lose the iPhone. Anyway, what were you expecting while giving such an expensive device to a minor?

Now the question is; how will you find your child iPhone after it is lost?

Here, you’ll have to use iCloud for this purpose. The first step is visiting in a web browser and logging into the account of the lost iPhone. Go to find iPhone and select ‘All Devices’. You can now pick the iPhone you want to track. With this, you will see the location of your iPhone.

Several options can help you recover the iPhone.

–    Play sound. This feature can be of great help if the kid simply misplaced the phone in the house or somewhere nearby.

–    Lost mode- This feature allows you to enter a phone number that will be displayed on the screen. Some Good Samaritan can use the number to call you if they find the phone.

–    Erase- this will not necessarily help you in recovering your phone but will help you in erasing data from the iPhone. Very essential while protecting your private data.

While this generation’s kids are obsessed with electronic gadgets and particularly mobile phones, make sure you keep a track of whereabouts by use of their iPhones.

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