Who Let The Dogs Out: Top World’s Leaders Furry Paw-Friends


Politicians are just like us – they also adore their pets, take photos with their paws and try to spend with them as much time as it possible. Nexter found out more about dogs of famous world politicians.

Queen Elizabeth II and her Welsh Corgis


Source: animalfair.com

Her Majesty is famous not only for her title but for crazy love for corgis. She started to adore them when she was a young princess as her mother owned a number of them. At 18, she received a corgi of her very own. Currently, the Queen has two corgis named Willow and Holly and two corgis named Candy and Vulcan.

The royal canines live the luxurious lives – they are free to roam the whole of Buckingham Palace and have developed a taste for green vegetables and venison. The Queen herself serves the pooches their dinner and even personally mixes in some gravy.

Vladimir Putin’s dogs


Source: Alexey Druzhinyn/European Pressphoto Agency

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a black Labrador Koni. He received her as a gift from his General of the Russian Army as a puppy in 2000. Koni often follows Putin to political meetings and press conferences.

In general, Putin has three pets in the household, and another in a series of gifts presented by foreign leaders.

Barack Obama and his Bo


Source: wikimedia.org

It has been said, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” The former First Dog is the Portuguese water dog. He was adopted by the Obamas in 2009. Although the Obamas wanted to adopt a dog from a shelter, a suitable candidate of the desired breed could not be found. As a compromise, Obama adopted a purebred dog while donating to the Washington Humane Society.

By the way, the current US president Donald Trump broke with presidential pet tradition as he is the first US president in 130 years who doesn’t have a pet dog in the White House.

French President Emmanuel Macron and his dog


Source: AFP

France has a new “first dog” – a two-year-old black labrador-griffon cross called Nemo adopted by Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron from an animal rescue center.

By the way, Nemo recently become a media-star as there was an incident in the Élysée Palace. While Macron was sitting among his ministers, Nemo raised a leg and peed on a fireplace in the Élysée Palace. Well, of course, it became viral in a few hours.

Justin Trudeau’s Dog

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got a puppy called Kenzie that he bought for the family, It is known that he has three kids and they absolutely love the dog. Have you noticed, the female Portuguese water dog is the same breed as President Barack Obama’s dogs, Bo and Sunny.

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