Top Five Apps Every Mac User Should Own


Macs are among the most popular home computers in the world, and there’s a number of apps available for them that make life oh so much easier. Using a Mac can be a fantastic experience when done with helpful applications. Here are the top five apps that every Mac user should own to maximize efficiency.


Everyone likes to talk to people, but with so many chat apps available it can be hard to keep track of them all. And you would think there certainly must be an alternative to having dozens of chat windows open at once. Look no further than Franz. Franz is an app that combines all of the chat apps (such as Discord, Google Hangouts, and more) you’re part of into one application. There’s even an option to include emails! All of the apps are put as tabs in Franz, meaning you can switch between them easily. It’s very convenient for talking to people and keeping track of all of your conversations.

Alfred 3
Alfred 3 is like a search system, but much stronger and more complex. Despite starting as a simple app launcher, it’s grown into quite a larger tool with more functions. Alfred can search your Mac for apps and tools quicker than the Mac’s built-in search system. With Alfred, you can also view the history of your clipboard (what you’ve copied), search the web, set up hotkeys, and do a whole lot more – including programming it to control your Mac for you! Alfred is one of the best apps at saving you time and increasing productivity.

Ulysses is an app similar to Microsoft’s Word but with a better layout and an easier way to do more. It’s a typing app that can handle all of your writing needs, including longform typing and quick notes. They operate through the use of “sheets” which can have any length you like, and can be separated, combined, or pretty much changed in any way you see fit. If you need to do any writing – especially long amounts of writing that involve a number of pages or other complex formatting – Ulysses is the way to go.

VLC Media Player
Mac’s typical video player is QuickTime, which isn’t really all that powerful. It can only play a few types of videos and tends to freeze up. This is why VLC is such a great alternative! It is a smooth player that can handle nearly every video type around. It also offers a number of options for audio and subtitles, which you can add to and customize yourself. Anything you could think of that you’d want from a video player, it’s pretty much guaranteed that VLC will have that feature.

Bartender 3
Maybe you have too many apps. It’s understandable. The apps can can cluttered quickly, and you can get lost in trying to find something. Bartender 3 will take the apps in the menu bar that you don’t use often and put them all under the Bartender icon. When you hover over the Bartender 3 icon, it will reveal all of the apps stored there. And if it hides something you didn’t want out of the open, you can always adjust it in ‘preferences’ to be shown. You can also set up keys to reveal the icons, making all of your apps just a click away. Keeping your apps organized hasn’t been easier.

These five apps are the top ones Mac users should own to make their lives easier and streamline anything they have to do. Still, there are a lot more apps out there to discover which can also be extremely helpful. Find a suitable photo editing program to help you make more efficient use of your Mac here. Keep on top of your technology, and it can live with you harmoniously.

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Top Five Apps Every Mac User Should Own
Macs are among the most popular home computers in the world, and there's a number of apps available for them that make life oh so much easier.

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