Top 5 Vintage Painting Kits 2020


Those who dream of painting, can paint their dreams, at least you are creating something of your own.

Painting by number got heterogeneous kits in their collection and Vintage painting kits are hot pie for the lovers of antique art. They can flatter vintage art by rediscovering in modern times and fool their friends with these vintage paint by number kits that would look like 100-years old.


Old paintings are more respected because they exhibit the norms and traditions of a specific era, having their own history and tales. It provokes the artist to reveal the mysteries hidden in the colors imprint by the Old Masters. Vintage art precisely refers to the 19th century because it clearly reflects the use of three stone lithographic printing processes when colors were used to add in printing.

Those who are looking to add-up in your home collection, make a vintage wall, create pieces of art paint by yourself and receive appreciation and core connection with golden old times.

You can buy a large variety of vintage paint by number kits online but make sure from authentic websites to avoid any kind of bad experience.   

We have listed Top 5 Vintage Paint by Number Kits 2020 to help you select the perfect one in your first attempt. Because your ease is our responsibility.

1. A Vintage City DIY Kit

Here comes the first pick where an image of an old building, a blurry environment, and an old Englishman riding the cart in empty streets, speaks out loudly of its antiquity. The nostalgic feelings overcome the viewer at first sight and no one can take their eyes off the metallic gold hues that are spreading all over the image.

. This vintage city painting holds uncanny behavior in its making that the painter would feel while working on it. It would be a hard job to do without any help but this paint by number kit has made it easy to enjoy the beauty with its fullness. Hang it or gift it to someone, you would be sharing a strong bonding.


The kit includes:

  • Set of 24 paint colors
  • Smooth canvas of high quality fabric
  • Instructional manual
  • Set of painting brushes
  • You can buy a wooden frame if required but its optional

If you want to know the price and buy this kit just click here, we created a link for you.

2. Statue of Liberty – New York


The second pick in the top 5 list is none other than the Statue of Liberty that was dedicated to Americans in 1886. Keeping its importance as a symbol of welcome it is printed on the canvas giving it a vintage look. The old paper color background and dark colors on the statue endowing it duo look of old and new times.  The shades that are chosen to cater the antique look of the picture are so near to metallic colors of the Roman Goddess of Liberty.

Decorate the walls with the addition of this beauty and enjoy true colors of liberty that you conceived during its completion, cheers for your skills.


This kit includes:

  • A canvas of 3 different sizes
  • 24 acrylic paint colors
  • 3 paint brushes
  • A hanging kit
  • Instructional manual
  • You can order a wooden frame too

To check the price, click here and buy this amazing paint by number kit for your elder kid and get him/her acquainted with history in a unique way.

Red Car Painting Kit

On number 3, the image is alluring the obsession of car maniacs. This red vintage car painting kit is a piece of classic art. The bright red color of the car and dark old back spread with old time buildings, ancient style brick corners of walls all are giving true glimpses of retro times.

Those who are living with the car fetishness, always turning heads to look around in museums and feel pleasure in gathering a collection of car images because everyone can’t afford the luxury.

Enjoy the paint by number kit of red car and paint on the canvas with cool strokes of colors that are selected characteristically depicting the old era.


The kit includes in it:

  • A pre coded canvas of smooth linen
  • Acrylic paint set
  • 3 painting brush set
  • Instructions
  • It comes frameless but you can order one

Buy this painting kit and cherish your taste for old cars.

4. Vintage Europe DIY Painting Kit

Europe, with the oldest history of all times has the privilege  to stand out among all the other places. Its old premises, palace, the rich shades of ancient times leaves impressions of timelessness. The fourth pick in our list of top 5 vintage paint by number kits is the Vintage Europe painting kit. We believe the students of literature would not miss this heartfelt image of old classics.

The rich shade of gold metallic and brownish leaves of old trees, the smoky sky and sentiments stirring mysterious loneliness are like a storm in your palm and you have the advantage to paint it with deep insight and calmness.  This could be a masterpiece to exhibit and feel loved,


The kit includes in it:

  • A pre-portioned canvas of high quality texture
  • Non-toxic paint colors
  • Set of painting brushes
  • Sheet of references

But it now and we assure, you’ll love to paint it. 

5.  Vintage Scenery of Warm Kiss

Leonardo said that Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt and we believe he was so true in his words. It becomes unsurpassable to express your love for someone but your painting brush can be your true friend to take you out o f this agony.

This vintage scenery of warm kiss is a gift for you to say what is unsaid in your life. It is so skillfully designed that illustrates the desperation of love and indifference from the surrounding so faithfully.  A true image of pure times when  long distances and drained periods were not an obstacle in the way of core feelings.

This vintage painting would be diamond in the crowd of other jewels that you would have painted to please your inner artist.

This painting kit includes:

  • One linen canvas of velvety texture
  • Set of 24 acrylic paints
  • 3 paint brushes with soft bristles
  • One hanging kit to display your art
  • You can get wooden stretches as well

Click here and buy this love painting of vintage warm kiss.

To conclude the article , we will say that “be great artist and use colors to portray what is inside the apparent”  enjoy these paint by number kits and polish the innate artistic expression you are born with.

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Top 5 Vintage Painting Kits 2020
Those who dream of painting, can paint their dreams, at least you are creating something of your own.
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