Top 5 Stupidest and Funniest Ways to Unlock iPhone X


iPhone X release has risen a number of question and disputes on how to trick Face ID. We here on Nexter came up with a list of possible ways based on real attempts of Apple users.

We tell not only how to unlock iPhone X, but Apple previous phone models as well. Don’t take it seriously. Just enjoy.

1. Trick security system with a dead body

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Source: squarespace

According to Mashable , the FBI attempted to access the Texas shooter’s iPhone with his dead finger. Unfortunately, they tried to do it 2-days after the last time the phone was unlocked.

Anil Jain, a computer science expert, stated it wasn’t possible to get an access with the help of dead part of the body as Apple security system uses radio frequency waves to check the skin underneath.

On the contrast, Dan Tentler, security manager, was sure that we could use a dead body to unlock Touch ID, but it was still impossible to get an access through Face ID as it requires “attention” from the user.

2. Unlock Touch ID with a dead finger and hot water



A member of Nexter team, Vasel, Chicago, has come to a brilliant idea how to trick iPhone with the help of a dead finger and hot water. Please note that it’s just a theory – we haven’t tried due to the lack of resources.

The process is quite simple: Touch ID reacts to a warmness of our body. Thus, take a dead finger and heat it under the hot water to 97°F (36.1°C).

Pretty much easy, huh? Please don’t try it at home.

3. Trick Face ID with a mask



Hackers from Vietnam tricked iPhone X’s Face ID with the help of $150 mask. Although this mask looks as creepy as hell, it allows you to unlock any iPhone X.

They used a 3D printer to make this mask, but some parts of the face, the nose, in particular, are handmade. thus, if you really do want to make such mask and unlock your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s phone, you can easily do it at home.

Not really, but you can try at least.

Read more about it and watch a video here.

4. Copy your victim’s face expressions



Take up a short course on how to become a professional mime and learn how to copy face expressions.

Moreover, you can track all the animoji’s your victim has posted and learn the manner of moves. Thank God, almost every user of iPhone X has tried this new service and made their own karaoke version.

5. Use your little son to unlock iPhone X

10-year-old boy Ammar Malik, the son of Attaullah Malik, technology operator of some fancy company you probably haven’t heard about, unlocked his mother’s iPhone X within a few seconds.

It actually proves you can take your kid and unlock your phone without any help of the Support Team or Vietnamese hackers. Moreover, you can use someone’s kid to unlock someone’s iPhone. See what’s going on? Do you realize how powerful you are now?

Previously, Apple mentioned that only twins can trick Face ID, however, now we can see – it’s much easier.

Now you should be afraid not only that you might have an evil twin, but also an evil kid. We should probably stop here.

Check it out:

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