TOP 5 Serial Killers Who Are in Jail and Everybody Really Glad About It


Charles Manson died at the age of 83 of natural causes at the hospital. The leader of Manson Family – a vicious cult – has left a trace of murders and criminal actions and become an inspiration to a number of books, music bands, and movies.

Today Nexter wants to present you the list of not less dangerous serial killers, who, thank God, are in jail.


Bellow, you can find the detailed information about every serial killer:

1.    Luis Garavito,  Colombia



Luis Garavito confessed to killing and torturing almost 150 boys. Garavito hadn’t wasted his time in prison and had drowned a map of his victims. According to it, the number of the murdered people exceeded 300, however, it’s considered that he killed only 138 victims.

Garavito is in a good relationship with his guardians and is paranoid about his well-being. He will be released in 2021.

2.    Pedro Rodrigues Filho, Brazil


Source: namtaru

Pedro Filho firstly felt the need of killing in 13 years, then, in 14 years, he murdered his first victim – a man, who accused Filho’s father in crime he had never committed and fired him.

Filho is believed to have killed about 70 people. The criminal penalty was 400 years, but he was released in 2007 and then, again, imprisoned for riots.

3.    Gary Ridgway, US



Nicknamed as “The Green River Killer”, Ridgway had committed 49 murders and is believed to have killed about 90 people.

He killed young women and underaged runaways by strangling them and then dumped their bodies in forested. He often returned to the dead bodies to have sexual contact with them.

Ridgway is sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

4.    Alexander Pichushkin, Russian Federation



Being a student, Pichushkin committed his first crime and was motivated to kill exactly 64 people. Why? Because ‘it’s the number of squares on a chessboard’, stated Pichushkin. Fortunately, he got only to 48 victims.

He is often compared to Andrei Chikatilo, another Russian serial killer, who had killed about 50 young girls and women. The penalty is life imprisonment.

5.    Moses Sithole, South Africa



Moses Sithole has committed so-called “ABC Murders” as his series of crimes (38 victims) began in Atteridgeville, continued in Boksburg and finished in Cleveland.

According to Sithole’s  statements, he turned into the serial killer because of the women, who accused him of rapes in his teens years he had never committed. He is sentenced to 2,410 years’ imprisonment.

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