TOP 5 Predictions in Politics for 2018 Everybody Must Know

  • 2017 has been quite the year for politics. Nexter predicts what political events are waiting for us in 2018.

Russia elections

Russia is getting ready for March presidential election. Vladimir Putin will walk away with six more years in the presidency. Among candidates are Ksenia Sobchak and Alexey Navalny. There is a theory, anyway, that Putin will re-elected again that would be formality, meaning that by 2024, when his next (and theoretically final) term comes to an end, he would have been the dominant force in Russian politics, as either president or prime minister, for almost a quarter of a century. As for now, Putin remains popular and has a formidable propaganda machine on his side.


Source: Sergey Guneev / RIA Novosti

The US

Trump will make more and more efforts to ruin everything that President Obama provided. Sure, in 2018 we’ll here the continuation of the investigation of Russian relationships and election scandal will spin up as well. Of course, he’ll be Twitting more posts as the Twitter now allows us to have 280-characters per post.


Source: CNN

Spain and Catalonia relationships

Experts consider that tensions between Spain and Catalonia mount. After loud Catalonia separating from Spain, it still hasn’t fully seceded. Perhaps, Spain’s central government will allow the region to vote for a new government in 2018. Tensions will throw up major questions over Spain’s treatment of the region and more broadly, about the EU’s response to such inflammatory local issues.


Source: Reuters

UK Royals

In spring 2018 everybody is waiting for the next royal wedding of Prince Harry and his American actress fiancee Meghan Markle. There is one more pleasant even is coming to happen in 2018. Kate Middleton is expecting her baby to be born also in spring 2018.



Great Britain

Seems that Brexit is everything Great Britain should be worrying about in 2018. But there is one more thing the next year will bring to UK – Theresa May will probably lose her PM status and pass the obligations to Boris Johnson.


Source: newstatesman

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Top 5 Predictions in Politics for 2018 You Must Know
2017 has been quite the year for politics. Nexter tries to predict what political events are waiting for us in 2018.
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