Top 5 Films About Poker 


The iGaming industry is currently experience a boom phase, with hundreds of online gaming sites, like opening almost every week. This is especially true when you take a closer look at the online casino industry, which has quadrupled in size over the past decade. However, gambling online is not just restricted to online casinos there are tons of available options worth exploring.

This includes online sports betting, which is trending in a big way at the moment, and of course, online poker. Thanks to international coverage of huge events like the World Series of Poker, where top poker players win millions every tournament, poker is now more popular than ever before. With that, we decided to explore poker inspirations a bit further afield than just WSOP coverage on ESPN. Of course this means the Hollywood movie making machine, which has actually turned out quite a few decent movies where the central theme was poker.

Top 5 Poker Movies in More Detail 

The game of poker has been around for a long time, more than a couple of centuries in fact. This gives Hollywood, as well as other media outlets like cable television and international cinema, plenty of scope when it comes to including poker in movies. Of course some movie genres are better suited to poker than others.

For example, westerns are the perfect vehicle for poker scenes and there is hardly a western ever made that doesn’t feature at least one of these. Heist movies are another great example of the perfect vehicle for a poker scene or two. After all, heist movies are often played out in casinos. Scam movies are very similar to heist movies as they revolve around scamming someone with lots of money out of their riches and poker is usually a good platform here too.

Top 5 Poker Movies of All Time 

  1. Rounders: Our number one spot goes to Rounders, which is considered by most poker fans to be the best movie that is specifically about poker of all time. In fact, many poker fans say that the only reason that they were turned on to poker in the first place was because of this movie. The movie stars Matt Damon as the main protagonist, with Edward Norton brilliantly supporting.
  2. The Cincinnati Kid: A must-see movie for any true fan of poker. This movie stars the incomparable Steve McQueen as the title character who goes toe to toe with a legend of the game, played by the inimitable Edward G. Robinson. While the movie might be a bit old by today’s standards, it should be seen by everyone who want to play competitive poker.
  3. Maverick: The remake of this classic TV show starred Mel Gibson and James Garner with a plot based around a high stakes poker game, what could be better? Although not the most realistic depiction of poker, the movie is entertaining and a lot of fun..
  4. High Roller: The Stu Unger Story: Based on a real person, a poker genius named Stu Unger, the movie is a sobering look at the reality of high stakes poker and its affects. Unger was a genius that won over $30 million playing poker but died penniless.
  5. The Gambler: Starring James Caan, this is another cautionary tales about the pitfalls of gambling. There is plenty of poker action throughout the movie and is a must-see for anyone thinking of gambling for real money.
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