Top 10 Most Visited Cities In 2017


The top 10 most visited destinations in 2016, and visitor predictions for 2017.


The new research by Euromonitor International revealed top 100 City Destinations for international travelers in 2017.

As it stated in the survey, Asian territory attracted 26 million visitors in the previous year – a number predicted to swell to 44 million by 2025.

“Asian cities are dominating the Top 100 City Destinations, with 41 cities in 2017 and this is likely to reach 47 by 2025,” senior travel analyst at Euromonitor Wouter Geerts declared.

Top 10 cities for international tourists

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is World’s most visited city for the ninth year in a row. It is vibrant, densely populated urban center with a stunning skyscraper-studded skyline.


2. Bangkok

21.25 million people in 2016 chose Bangkok for visiting and made the city second in the rate.


3. London

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) report, London is a top city for tourism in Europe with 19.19 million visitors in 2016 and 19.8 million expected in 2017.


4. Singapore

Singapore is another Asian city that is very popular among international visitors. Last year it hosted 16.6 million tourists and in 2107 this rate grew up to 17.6 million.


5. Macau

Macau is an autonomous region on the south coast of China. It’s famous for the giant casinos and malls so the city earned the nickname “Las Vegas of Asia.”


6. Dubai

Dubai with 11.2% growth and 17 million visitors expected this year holds the sixth rate position and continues to engage more tourists every year.


7. Paris

Another European city and a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. In 2017 we see the modest decrease in attendance – 0.9% comparing with the previous year.


8. New York City

New York, with 13.1 million visitors expected in 2017, and Miami, with 8 million predicted, were the most popular cities in the Americas with international visitors.


9. Shenzhen, China

One more Asian city in the rate that is known for its shopping destinations. Such as Luohu Commercial City – a massive mall with a vast array of wares, from tailors’ custom clothing to faux designer bags.


10. Kuala Lumpur

The top 10 ratings end with Kuala Lumpur – the capital of Malaysia. It boasts of gleaming skyscrapers, colonial architecture, charming locals, and a myriad of natural attractions.


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