Tips For Couples On Creating Matching Yet Stylish Looks


We tend to do crazy and weird things when we are in love. One of them is to show off our affection through fashion. We are talking about a lovely trend of wearing matching outfits that ranges from totally identical, head-to-toe looks to complementary stylish items (like footwear or accessories) that help create a cohesive image of you as a couple. After all, the best way to maintain the warmth of feelings is to do something cool together. So wearing clothes of the same style and color is a natural and such a great way to declare a unity that is much, much deeper. Whether you just want to have fun together or aim at something more like creating a fashionable love story to share on your blog (best created with a blog website builder), we’ve got some tips on matching outfits for you.

A guide to creating matching outfits for couples

Colors and textures

If you and your sweetheart love the idea of dressing in a cohesive fashion, start coordinating your outfits with defining colors and fabrics that you both adore. Choose a color palette you can follow consistently to create multiple looks. Likewise, when shopping, opt for clothes of the same fabric, for example, corduroy, denim, leather, or knitted items to compose a unified aesthetics. While trying to make things fit in a puzzle, remember that looking stylish is more important than looking identical. A popular mistake to avoid is overstated twinning when you both look like wearing a uniform.

Similar yet different

When creating looks for your sweet and stylish duo remember that you both are individuals and can’t look completely identical. This is tasteless. The secret of creating a matching yet stylish appearance is in using complementary details. The first step in achieving unity in fashion is to define a theme to follow. Look closer to the sports luxe fashion and athleisure that offer a huge variety of colors, shapes, and designs so that both of you can find looks you both like to form a totally harmonious couple appearance.

Black and white

Going monochrome is the easiest way to create a matching couple look because everyone has something black and something white in their wardrobe. Moreover, nothing matches black better than white does (just like nobody matches you better than your sweetheart). All you need is to stick the same style to impress with a balanced and cohesive image. Keep in mind that the black and white duo looks too sleek & chic so the occasion must match the appearance as well.

Add a color splash

Unified doesn’t have to mean boring. The easiest way to brighten up how you look as a couple is to add vibrant (and coordinated) pops of color to your outfits. No need to mention that this must be a color you both like and feel comfortable with (in). In order to make this trick work for you, you need to keep the rest of your look understated using calm and plane colors and textures.

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