Tips for a Well-Organized and Tidy Kitchen


One of the keys to keeping a clean house is organization. Without having a proper place for everything, you can never truly keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Follow these kitchen organization tips and be on your way to having a cleaner and tidy kitchen.

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1. Keep Your Cleaning Supplies in One Spot
Often, kitchen cabinets are cluttered with a wide variety of cleaning supplies. Rather than having them strewn about, keep your cleaning supplies in one spot. Typically, the area underneath your sink is a great spot for this.

You should try to keep the cleaning storage area as neat as possible. If you don’t have any small plastic bins, buy some. You can organize your cleaning supplies in the bins and keep them handy.

With all of your cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink, you can save space for what matters. It cuts down on clutter and makes your life easier.

2. Expand Your Kitchen
If you have limited space, then you might consider expanding your kitchen. Current renters could consider buying a home instead. Of course, buying a home isn’t always an option. You can also make some little renovations to better organize your kitchen.

Specifically, a pull-out pantry system can help you organize. You get more space and less clutter. You can store dry goods on one shelf, sweets on another, and so on. It’s a simple solution, but it can keep you organized.

3. Keep Your Spices Organized
Your spice rack might be a jumbled mess. In fact, you might have spices sitting on your counter. If you do, you should consider getting a spice rack. It keeps your spices organized and keeps your counters clean. They have some very stylish racks that can match with any decor.

4. Only Keep Essentials on the Counter
Although it might be convenient to keep your blender on the counter, it’s not aesthetically pleasing. If you want a truly clean kitchen, then you need to clear your counter. Take a good look at your counter and determine which items you use on a daily basis. Then, remove all the items that you don’t use. Store them in a cabinet or pantry.

This is also good advice for your cooking utensils. In most homes, you can find a mess of spatulas, spoons, and more in a container on the counter. It might be time for you to hide the four spatulas that you have out. Instead of keeping them all in plain sight, hide them in a drawer.

5. Think Out of the Box
When it comes to kitchen organization, you can get creative. Use a magazine rack to store all of your cutting boards. If you use hooks to hang the holder on the interior of the cabinet door, buy some adhesive hooks and place them on the walls.

The same goes for knives. There are so many different types of knives, including ceramic, electric, boning, carving, and Sushi knives. Use hooks to hang all of these knives on the wall. Visit The Kitchen Calls to get a better idea of how to use knives properly. For rag storage, you can hang some hooks from the cabinet door. Besides, you can place a tension rod under the sink and use it to hang cleaning bottles.

No matter if you are passionate about cooking or not, it is important to keep your kitchen clean. Follow the above-mentioned tips to make your kitchen well-organized, tidy, and clean. It’s worth the effort.

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Tips for a Well-Organized and Tidy Kitchen
One of the keys to keeping a clean house is organization. Without having a proper place for everything, you can never truly keep your kitchen clean and tidy.
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