TikTok: 15 Seconds of Business Glory


TikTok is popular among users for its unusual way of submitting content. Users share short videos from 15 to 60 seconds, decorated with masks, stickers, music and other effects. Well-known Yandex. Direct, shares and comments are also present here.


It is known that in 1-month content from Russian users is viewed more than 10 billion times. The social network used by over 8 million people in the country, and the average amount of time spent online: 15 minutes. By the number of downloads, TikTok has long surpassed Instagram.

Should I use this social network to promote my business? Definitely Yes.

Who? Let’s figure it out.


  • Who is it? The audience of TikTok
  • What attracted them
  • TikTok for business
  • Promotion
  • Conclusion 

Who is it? The audience of TikTok
According to research conducted last fall, most of the audience of the social network is made up of teenagers. They are the ones who most like to shoot short videos, dance to any tracks, and create collages with friends.

However, the size of the audience increases daily. And, if in 2016 the number of teenagers was more than 90% of the entire audience, today it is just over 40%. As of the end of September 2019, about 37% of the audience were young people aged 22 to 38 years and about 32% were students.

The ratio of Russian men and women is 42% and 58%, respectively. The predominance of a female audience is easily explained. Girls are more open. They are more willing to share videos from their own life, flaunt themselves in front of the mirror and like to talk about themselves.

 What attracted them
The incredible growth in the number of followers among the youth audience is due to the format. Teenagers generate content all the time. Their lives are constantly changing. And, of course, they want to share it. And how else can you do this, if not in short videos?

But that’s not all. Challenger. Young people like to draw attention to themselves, but even more, teenagers like to be part of something bigger. This is why there are so many challengers in TikTok. For example, in 2019, the news about the end of the career of singer Adele provoked the launch of a large number of similar videos. An interesting video with the performer in the form of a marmalade bear and the same fans had 1.4 million likes. It provoked the world Challenger.

On average, one in eight TikTok users monetize their account. They do this through advertising, live broadcasts, affiliate marketing, or blogging.

Business accounts often turn to them for advertising. It is important to understand that users, even if recommended by an expert, may not pay attention to profiles with a small number of followers. TikTok cheat without registration helps to quickly solve this problem and increase the size of the audience in the shortest possible time.

TikTok for business
When creating a business account in TikTok, companies need to take into account the specifics of users and their ability to pay. Despite all the diversity, this is still a young, mostly female, audience.

Here are irrelevant boring reports about what results the company has achieved or what goals are in the future. Today is important, this moment is important. Users will appreciate creativity and humor, not informational style. For example, for a veterinary clinic, you can come up with a series of cute videos about kittens or chickens that come to visit or dance.

Do you sell home accessories? Show the story of their life at an accelerated rate. And don’t forget to add a logo to the video, as well as attach a link to the site. Otherwise, how will potential buyers contact you?


A year ago, there was no advertising in TikTok: the first tests were conducted on the European audience, and new formats were introduced. Today a company can choose how to promote its products:

  • Brand Takeover – what the user sees only after opening the app. There can be a photo, video, or GIF animation weighing no more than 2 MB. You only need to add a direct link or a unique hashtag that you can use to go to the landing page.

The effectiveness of the format is easy to track. The developers have provided the ability to count views, unique coverage, and the number of clicks.

  • A native format between 9 and 15 seconds long will appear in the viewer’s feed when content is scrolled. The main thing is not to forget about the call to action at the end of the video.
  • Placing a thematic hashtag under a creative video with music is one of the most popular methods of promotion.
  • Use of branded lenses, masks, and stickers. This format is the most creative. Communication with the brand takes place in the form of a game. You can use everything: 2D, 3D, and even augmented reality. A brand of women’s cosmetics can use the integration of different shades of lipstick as a filter.

However, keep in mind that users will only be able to see creatives if they follow to an account. As with any other social network, TikTok draws the most attention to pages with a large number of followers.

High-quality content and the use of modern promotion methods will help attract users. But this requires a large amount of time and considerable funds. You can speed up this process by using services on how to buy TikTok views or followers.

TikTok is a fairly young social network that is rapidly developing around the world. In Russia alone, it is used by more than 8 million users.

The peculiarity of the youth audience is that it is susceptible to advertising appeals and impressionable. Young people love bright creatives using all the possibilities of TikTok. To attract their attention, companies need to create high-quality, non-standard content and, of course, use all the advertising opportunities of this social network.

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TikTok: 15 seconds of business glory
TikTok appeared not so long ago, but it has already gained popularity among a young audience. Companies focused on this segment can use various methods to stimulate the audience.
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