Three Steps to Maintaining Employee Health


With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping most people at home, unless they are essential workers, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to keeping employees healthy, both in mind and in body. Employee health is paramount during this time. The various ministries of health around the world each tell their citizens how to stay safe, but as an employee or as an employer there are three key things you can do to try and help employees during this time.


Meet Safety Standards
The government of each country has provided mandates and guidelines for employees to follow depending on where they work. For frontline workers, that means wearing full personal protective equipment, and for those working in other essential services this might just mean wearing gloves and a mask. As an employer, you should strive to meet these safety standards, and if possible exceed them. In order for stores and services to continue running, employee health needs to be prioritized. Sick employees cannot continue working, which means all safety equipment should be procured, and regular safety checks conducted to make sure protocols are being followed. No employee wants to feel like their organization does not care about their safety during this time.

Provide Emotional Support
For many employees, working from home is a new challenge that they have not experienced. At first it can be nice to roll out of bed, and simply sit down at your computer and begin completing your tasks for the day. However, it can be very isolating as you no longer have the office camaraderie that you are used to. Simply having a place to go each day is often missed after the initial ‘fun’ of working from home wears off. Due to this, many employees can begin to feel a bit dejected as the work from home orders stretch from weeks into months.

Many companies offer well-being services, where their employees can receive either in-person or telephone counselling. This is a time of uncertainty, which means that some employees may need to utilise a service like this. For the businesses that cannot afford a program which offers counselling, sometimes simple team building activities like one-on-one Zoom chats with their manager or a team check-in can be a good alternative. Everyone needs some reassurance during this time, and employee health does not simply mean physical health, but also mental health. Even the simple creation of an online module about coping methods during this time can lend a helping hand to those in need of some guidance.

Maintain Records 

It might seem like this is a bit of a lax time when it comes to monitoring productivity levels, but it shouldn’t be. Many jobs can be done from the comfort of one’s home, but it can be much harder to measure productivity without an in-person check-in. A certain dip in productivity may be expected due to less-than-ideal working circumstances and the overall stress of living in a pandemic, but too much of a decrease could be a sign of trouble. Employee health can be measured via productivity levels in some instances. Most businesses will have electronic files on their employees, or technology that they use for personnel monitoring. Productive employees tend to be ones who are happy, and keeping accurate productivity records, along with health ones can help a business assess if new health programs need to be instituted to diminish certain work stresses.

These are just a few key ways that businesses can help keep their employees safe and healthy during this time.

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How to Maintain Employee Health
Here are three steps to maintaining employee health at home, and in the office during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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