THOR: RAGNARÖK – What You Do Not Know About This Movie


The premiere of Marvel and Disney Studios Thor: Ragnarok is coming.

As for today Nexter already knows a lot about the movie. Here’re what you might miss about it.

The “End of the World” was predicted starting from the Avengers: Age of Ultron. After Loki seized the throne, the destruction of Thor’s homeworld and the end of Asgardian civilization is close as never before. According to the legend it should be the final Asgard’s battle. The Mjölnir (Thor’s Hammer) is gone and all-powerful Hela got the Asgard.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

Who’s in team?

Likely for Thor and Bruce Banner’s fans, the Incredible Hulk will help to save the world. Curious, why he attacks Thor in a gladiatorial contest but even more strange that Bruce doesn’t remember it.

According to Mark Ruffalo, this is the start of a new trilogy of Hulk movies, and he’s going to be a key figure in the movie. As comic’s lovers know, Hulk’s powers are undersized in the Marvel’s movies. Perhaps, Thor: Ragnarok will raise their game and show us the unreal power of our green Avenger.

The same story with Thor. We see the scenes where Thor is more powerful than ever before. Now he looks as a real God of Thunder. How he get these lightnings and how Odin survived we’ll see on November 3.

Thor: Ragnarok will also reveal what happened To Lady Sif and the warriors three after Loki became the ruiner of Asgard.

As Natalie Portman broke up with Marvel and actually Thor, may be Tessa Thompson, who plays the Asgardian warrior Valkyrie, will heal his heart. She used to have a fight with Hela but lost. So no doubts she’ll join the team to avenge and to support a  noble cause.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

One more cheering news for Cumberbatch fans – Dr. Strange will appear in the movie to help Thor find his father. It’s expected that he will be a supporting character just as Anthony Hopkins playing Odin.

Bad, Worst and… the Goddess of Death

The official trailer shows another beloved character – Loki. We see a ‘touching’ scene as both brothers are fighting side by side again. Obviously he joined the team but don’t forget that he always thinks only about himself. May be Thor should have learned the lessons and be aware of his sly stepbrother?

Source: Marvel Entertainment

Anyway, they all have to stand against the fierce enemy of all nine worlds – the fire-demon Surtur whose purpose is to fulfill the prophecy of Ragnarok and to destruct nine worlds. The Hulk can be seen leaping into battle with the demon.

Surtur was the mortal enemy of the Asgardian ruler Odin and Thor. Surtur is older, and therefore more powerful than Odin and Thor. He was imprisoned for a long time within the depths of the Earth.

The main antagonist in the film is Hela – the Norse goddess of death – starring amazing Cate Blanchett. She wants a revenge for being imprisoned for thousands years. So, yeah, she warmongering.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

Interesting fact, that Taika Waititi, the director of Thor: Ragnarok, said his movie will be a mere 90 minutes long, making it the shortest MCU instalment yet by far.

By the way, almost all dialogs are improvised by themselves and contain a lot of jokes.

We in Nexter can’t wait till 3 November to enjoy new Marvel film. Do you feel the same?

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