Things You Should Never Do In The Shower


Everyone loves a good shower after a long day. The running water runs through your body and washes away all the day’s stress and anxiety, getting rid of the lethargy and preparing you for whatever that’s ahead. However, there are some rules we should maintain in the shower. Although these are very common, many of us aren’t aware of them and continue with these common mistakes.


While there are many things we should be doing, there are some things we should never do in a shower. They are risky enough to cause accidents while continuing them for too long can damage our body and skin. That being said, here are a few things you should never do in the shower:

●      Showering for too long:

We all love a long shower, both with warm and cold water. However, as fun as it seems, it’s dangerous for our skin. Showering for too long washes away the natural oils of our skin and makes it dry and itchy. Also, if it’s cold outside, showering for too long can cause a cold. It is advised that we don’t shower for more than eight times a day.

During summer, we tend to shower too frequently, more than once a day at times. The showers are generally longer than average as well. While these may seem comfortable for a short time, the long term effects are detrimental. So, it might be a good time to get rid of an old summer habit.

●      Using too hot or cold water:

Cold showers can fix a terrible mood, while a hot shower can be a rejuvenation dose for a long day ahead. However, if the water is too hot or too cold, it’s more harm than good. Our body can’t tolerate water that’s too hot or cold. If the water is too hot, they damage your skin’s natural oils and leave it completely dry. However, if you’re showering at the water being too cold, it can cause hypothermia, colds, and fever. So, it’s better to shower at the water of lukewarm temperature.

●      Using oily substances:

Oil and water never mix; while this is basic science, many people make this common mistake. Oily substances come in contact with the water and create a slimy texture all over your body. This is very uncomfortable and requires a lot of effort to clean. Furthermore, oils are much more slippery than other scrubs and moisturizers, so they might drop in your shower floor and cause accidents. Better safe than sorry!

●      Not Using a shower mat:

A shower mat is an unsung hero of the shower. It’s made of rubber or similar substance to absorb water. The most significant advantage of a shower matt is that it absorbs the water from your shower, preventing water spills and slippery floors, thus saving you from falling on the floor and hurting yourself. They’re mostly cheap and easy to buy, so getting one is always a good idea.

●      Overusing a loofah:

A shower loofah can be your best friend in the shower. It’s beneficial to exfoliate our skin, rub off dry cells, and give it a thorough cleaning. Furthermore, it can be used to apply soap on our body. However, since it’s used so frequently, it’s easy to overuse a loofah as well. Since they’re used for scrubbing, they often attract bacteria from our body. Due to our bathrooms’ wet nature, they can be a breeding ground for such bacteria as well. So, always wash and dry your loofah when once you’re done showering. If you feel like it’s falling off and feels prickly on your skin, you should get rid of it for a new one.

●      Applying soaps and scrubs with the shower turned on:

This is a widespread habit that’s not a good thing to do. When we’re under the running water, the water washes off the soap before they get to do their work. So, pretty much every bit of soap you’re applying is getting wasted. So, it’s advised that you get your body wet, use the soap all over your body, and then get yourself washed. This helps the scrubs integrate into your skin and get their job done.

●      Applying shampoo is dry hair with fingernails:

Lathering your shampoo is very comforting. This can be a good massage for your head while cleaning your hair. We often tend to apply shampoo with our fingertips, scratch the skin off our head, and cause dandruff. Also, scrubbing with long fingernails can be very painful. So, always use your fingertips while applying shampoo.

Furthermore, we often tend to apply shampoo in partially dry or fully dry hair (incredibly short hair). This is a bad idea because dry hair doesn’t create a lather, so our shampoo technically doesn’t serve its purpose. Also, many shampoos are wasted in this process, so always apply shampoo once your hair is completely wet.

●     Showering right before bed:

While we often tend to shower right before bed, especially during summer. However, this is a terrible idea. Our bodies have a natural equilibrium, and it likes to stay in that way as well. When we shower before bed, our body’s temperature changes based on the temperature of the water. This eventually leads to a lack of sleep and makes our body groggy when we wake up. Doctors suggest that we should shower at least 2 hours before bed.


While the purpose of having a shower is to clean our body, not doing it right does more harm than good. We often make basic mistakes that ruin the entire experience. Furthermore, they are harmful to our body if continued for too long. In this article, we’ve mentioned some things that we should never do even we’ve done these for years. Following these can save you from injuring yourself as well as a good deal of money.

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Things You Should Never Do In The Shower
Everyone loves a good shower after a long day.
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