Things to Consider While Selling your Car!!!


Are you the one who loves flipping cars as you sell and buy cars frequently or the one who is a newbie, selling your first car, in both cases, there are certain things that you have to consider while selling your car?

Letting go of an old car is a complex task because it is always associated with a lot of wonderful memories and in the same way, the process of selling a car is also not easy. From posting the right advertisement to communication with the potential customers, everything requires time, knowledge and efforts.The reputed and experienced car transport companies listed with Moving Apt explains that you need to do a lot and have to pay attention on little details as well to get the right deal and a great price.

That is why you need to consider a lot of things while selling it.

  1. Set a good price by researching

Having an attractive Ad portal is the best way to attract many potentialcustomers to your advertisement. Make sure you set the right cost after doing a lot of research and checking market condition. Online researching is your best friend in deciding the rightprice for your car. Set a price in a way that will generate the interest of thepeople if you want to sell it fast.

  1. Prepare the car

You have to first prepare it by making it look its best, before you click its pictures. Take your car to a local shop and get it serviced and well cleaned there. Get all the scratches and the dents of the car fixed and fix all the minor and major problems of it.

  1. Complete the documentation

Documentation is the most important task when you want to sell your car. Collect important documents such as a registration certificate, pollution under control certificate, insurance policy, and no objection certificate from the bank if you have purchased the car on the loan from the bank. When you want to sell your car then you have to transfer the ownership of the car to the buyer until the buyer won’t be considered as the owner of the vehicle. After selling your car, you should apply for RC transfer so that the task of selling the car can be completed smoothly.

  1. Things to add in while creating ad portal

Take a recent picture of the car from every angle. Attach the picture with the ad toattract more potential customers to your car. Share as many as picturesyou can share to tell them the looks of your car. Mention the exact odometerreading in the ad portal along with the make and model of the car.

Also, add a little detail and information about the service history of the car and giveaccurate information so that the potential buyer will not disappoint later andyou can also get a good deal. You should also have to add the total number of owners of the car till date. Prepare an advertisement in a well manner to attract wider audience towards it.

  1. Why giveaway your no claim bonus?

If you are a good driver and you have accumulated or no claim bonus on the car insurance policy then there is a reward that you will receive from the insurance company as you have not raised any claims. You have to retain a photocopy of your previous insurance policy and no claim bonus so that you will get the benefit when you buy your next car.

To claim NCB, you will also be required to have a copy of RC with the new owner’s name as proof that the car has been transferred. Most people forget this important detail while selling their car which will make them lose a big chunk of money that the insurance company will provide you.

  1. Don’t sign the transfer papers until you get the payment

You should only transfer the title of the car only when you get the completepayment from the buyer. Just cheques and DDs will not work until you don’t getthe full cash in hand or at your bank. Don’t hand over your car keys to thebuyer until you are fully satisfied with the payment.

Things you need to know!!

After selling, don’t forget to inform RTO within the 14 days of the sale to ensure the complete safety and security. RTO is where the vehicles has been registered, inform about the title transfer of the vehicle to get rid of the liabilities of the ownership so in future, you would not get caught in any problem. You should also inform to the insurance company and also get an updated RC from the buyer.

Bottom line!!!

Selling a car is not that easy as you think it is. If you don’t have enough time then you can take help of car traders. If you want to sell it on your own then you should use the above-given tips to get the best deal.

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Things to Consider While Selling your Car!!!
Are you the one who loves flipping cars as you sell and buy cars frequently or the one who is a newbie, selling your first car, in both cases, there are certain things that you have to consider while selling your car?
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