Posting Selfies + 10 Other Things Meghan Markle Can’t Do After Becoming Royal Duchess of Sussex


Royal wedding changes everything as members should follow strict rules and traditions. Here’s a list of thing Duchess of Sussex can’t do anymore!

Post selfies


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Markle during her first public walkabout in Nottingham with Prince Harry politely told one couple “we’re not allowed to do selfies.”

As for why this has become part of royal protocol, US ambassador Matthew Barzun was able to shed some light on this in 2014, after having a meeting with Her Majesty who is reportedly not a fan.

He told Tatler magazine: “She was essentially saying, ‘I miss eye contact’.”

Going out alone


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No more shopping, walking or whatever-she-want alone. Now that she’s officially part of the , casually popping out by herself is a thing of the past.

Meghan will have to have security around her at all times when she’s out in public.

No Twitter and Instagram


The most shocking part of the deal. A few months before the royal wedding, Meghan closed all of her own social media accounts.

Sit with her legs crossed


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According to the Sun, ladies are to sit with the ankles crossed or knees together to avoid any exposure of the crotch area. This is known as the Duchess Slant.

She can’t vote

On the parliament website, under the question ‘Can the queen vote,’ it says: “Although not prohibited by law, it is considered unconstitutional for the Monarch to vote in an election.”

As Head of State, the Queen has to remain strictly neutral with respect to political matters, unable to vote or stand for election. Although this only applies directly to the Queen, all members of the are said to abide by this, according to The Sun.

Wear clothes that show her legs


Actually, this one should be considered as a crime taking into account Meghan’s perfect long legs! Anyway, Meghan has dressed in a classy and conservative way since she began attending royal engagements, and it is thought this will continue.

Signing autographs

This, perhaps, sad news for her fans who lost the opportunity to have her autograph forever. The point is that members of the are banned from signing autographs, according to The Express. Apparently, the Royals aren’t allowed to sign their name for admirers because of a safety measure.

The rule is in place to avoid the signatures of royals being forged, and they all have to follow the anti-fraud policy.

Wear bold-colored nail polish


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Apparently, the Queen is very picky about nail polish and prefers more delicate tones and translucent shades. According to Glamour, she has been wearing neutral shades since Harry proposed.

Hit the sack before the Queen


Source: Jonathan Brady / WPA Rota

When Meghan and the Queen are staying in the same place, she will have to wait until the Queen goes to bed before she can go to sleep. It is “thought to be bad form.”

She should drop her career as an actor


Markle, who starred in Suits for seven years, announced last November in an interview with Hello! Canada that she is foregoing her career saying, “I just see it as a change… It’s a new chapter, right?”


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Posting Selfies + 10 Other Things Meghan Markle Can't Do After Becoming Royal Duchess
Posting Selfies + 10 Other Things Meghan Markle Can't Do After Becoming Royal Duchess
Royal wedding changes everything as ryal family members should follow strict rules and traditions. Here's a list of thing Duchess of Sussex can't do anymore!

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