10 Worst Movies in 2017: Please, DON’T watch


Basing on IMDb rate and editors opinion, Nexter made a list of 10 worst movies released in 2017 that are considered as a cinematic crime.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

IMDb 7,0

A film about computer games, made by people who have never played. Nothing special except flat jokes and few amusing scenes.

Power Rangers

IMDb 6,1

The film with a few interesting ideas and good actors playing, but you it’s hard to notice the perks with such cut and dried storyline, stereo characters and terrible graphics. And why the hell the theme of the original series was used only once for 5 seconds in the whole movie, are you serious?

The Dark Tower

IMDb 5, 7

The Dark Tower had a great cast, and it certainly didn’t lack ambition. But as a result we got absolutely typical evil vs good movie, full of fails and non-logical moments.

Alien: Covenant

IMDb 6,5

Alien – when we got few answers, leaving plenty of open questions instead. Perhaps, it’s the worst film of Ridley Scott over the years.

The Mummy

IMDb 5,5

The Mummy is just an average action movie that hoped to raise money only for Tom Cruise appearance. Well, it doesn’t work anymore. A huge disappointment.

The Circle

IMDb 5,3

That what’s happening when you have 2 top actors, raising a serious problem but absolutely don’t have an idea about it’s conclusion. Absolutely a mess that ends with nothing. The movie seems more interested in set-up than any sort of thoughtful, or even logical, ending.

Fifty Shades Darker

IMDb 4,6

Fifty Shades of Grey fan are shocked. Critics also didn’t understand what was that. How could a movie with naked bodies, full of B.D.S.M. scenes and rich handsome guy become such a trash?


IMDb 5,6

The first for many years bad film with Rock playing. Who would have thought that there’s nothing more hidden behind slapstick humor and vulgar nudity nothing.

Emojimovie: Express Yourself

IMDb 2,9

Seems that making an emoji as the main character in the movie is already sounds as a bad idea. Critics and audience reacted with a record low rate. Maybe they wanted to repeat Inside Out (2015) success? Guess we’ll never know. But who cares?

Transformers: The Last Knight

IMDb 5,2

It’s a shame to shot the same thing 2-3 times, but Bey crossed the line and tried to make the same movie for the fifth . In a result, we got the most stupid story in the history of cinema.

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The Worst Movies in 2017: Please, DON’T watch
Basing on IMDb rate and editors opinion, Nexter made a list of 10 worst movies released in 2017 that are considered as a cinematic crime.
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